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Ms. Pac-man black artwork – Live & in progress

Exciting, today is the day, the be all to end all. Either I screw things up completely on my Ms. Pac-man, or the final black artwork will really make my cabinet sing. So far so good, I’ve sprayed the kickplate stencil and removed it and here is what things are looking like to date. Keep checking back as I’ll be working on the sides and finishing touches until 4:00 pm today. (more…)

Crazy arcade game of the day – Night Driver Cockpit

Got to talking with a new friend at the fall USAmusments auction here in Indianapolis, and he was telling me about Night Driver. I only knew Night Driver from the flyer, the colorful well designed and retro flyer. I said “Oh yeah, the upright with the purple and yellow artwork, I’ve never played it”.

“No”, he said. “The cockpit version, it’s hard to describe.”

I looked up the Night Driver cockpit when I got home, kind of like a horizontal Computer Space without the collector demand. (more…)

Start a website – How to choose domain name

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a couple of arcade blog / arcade collecting themed websites pop up. I have also had a couple of questions about starting / revising an existing arcade game website so I thought it might be appropriate to give some tips on choosing a name for your website / domain name / web address and what tools are available to do just that. (more…)

Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-10-26

  • The yellow on my Ms. Pac-man is done. I may shoot myself! Things never go as planned, do they? #
  • Updated my post showing the yellow stenciled artwork on Ms. Pac-man, now with a photo showing the sideart to date – http://snipr.com/4lu88 #
  • Wish this guy would get a clue. Burgertime for $1,000. Lowballing @ $700 is too high – Especially in this economy – http://snipr.com/4mnat #
  • The (Passion Fruit) pink on my Ms. Pac-man is finished. Result were better in general than yellow, aside from the stencil adhesion problems. #

Ms. Pac-man Pink Finished

I finished spraying the passion pink on my Ms. Pac-man on Thursday, but with family in town this weekend I am only now getting a chance to post some photos. I think just now the Ms. Pac-man machine is really starting to manifest, looking like a real project with a real ending. But of course, every stage has its hiccups and the pink stencil was no different. (more…)

How Bally Stenciled Ms. Pac-man Cabinets

Short but fun and informative post, here are a couple of photos showing that Bally / Midway didn’t paint the plywood boards solid blue and then add the pink and the yellow. They had a blue stencil that left areas of the cabinet blank, exposed to primer to allow application of the lighter colors later on. (more…)

Ms. Pac-man Stencil File Missing Artwork?

That is the question right now. As I started to lay down my pink stencil on my Ms. Pac-man kickplate I noticed something. It appeared as if the left hand of the left ghost on the kickplate was missing the yellow highlights on his knuckles. I thought for a second that maybe the shop that cut these stencils had missed some pieces and I had better check Joymonkey’s Ms. Pac-man stencil file. Sure enough, the yellow pieces were missing from the artwork file as well. (more…)