Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-10-12

  • Galaga 3 conversion for $200 on Cincinnati Craigslist (Clermont Co.). Might be worth about that, maybe less. – http://snipr.com/44mx0 #
  • Donkey Kong arcade game for $250 – Pittsburg, PA Craigslist. Even with economy should still be worth $350-$400 – http://snipr.com/45bfv #
  • Pole Position working Louisville Craigslist – $375 OBO. Economic times & given history of PP, worth closer to $275 – http://snipr.com/46xax #
  • That Galaga 3 conversion I mentioned earlier in the week? Price drop to $100. Good value, even if just for parts http://snipr.com/46xi3 #
  • Golf Skins Game, working, for $60 in Hampshire IL. Hans O is selling this one, may be worth it for parts. – http://snipr.com/46yhw #
  • Updated Dig Dug cabaret artwork post with a scanned piece of the instructions from the full upright for comparison – http://snipr.com/46yim #
  • Added new photos to the post about the video game library at the University of Michigan campus – http://snipr.com/47kl8 #
  • 2 almost empty arcade cabinets = $75, or $50 each. Ghosts & Goblins partial sideart is one, Columbus Ohio Craigslist http://snipr.com/486vr #
  • Lot of arcades for sale in Elkhart, IN – Dig Dug, 48 in 1 cocktail, Soul Edge, Primal Rage – Won’t be cheap – http://snipr.com/486×9 #
  • Almost working Pole Position Chicago Craigslist = $49. Good deal beat up cabinet or not. Worth $100+, parts more – http://snipr.com/486yq #
  • Want a true Mame deal! $3,000 for a Mountain Dew promo machine. Hmm, new car or ugly green glowing arcade, ha ha – http://snipr.com/48729 #
  • Added a photo of myself to my about page! Yikes! If you are interested you can now put a face with the writing – http://snipr.com/49e93 #
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