Super Auction Prices Pinball Expo 2008

On Friday night I made a quick mention of some of the final prices at the Pinball Expo 2008 Super Auction. I finalized the photos with prices and have them loaded up in a gallery. Don’t be too surprised when you don’t see very many classic games though. 😉

Caveman Pinball Cabinet Artwork
“Oh, Oh! And boom goes the dynamite” says the Caveman.

Makin’ a killing at Super Auctions

Games were going for way below value. My guess would be the circumstances had something to do with that. The economy is bad, there was a limited audience at the Pinball Expo and those were pinball guys. But even the pinball guys didn’t bid up the pins that were there either.

A few highlights in my opinion;

  • Nice looking Road Blasters – $40
  • After Burner – $50
  • Marvel Super Heroes Street Fighter – $75

Click on the photo of the Mr. Do! cabaret conversion to enter the photo gallery with all of the arcade game prices.

Mr. Do! Cabaret Conversion Photo

I know Troy Smith (MtZRcade on the Klov forums) picked up a ton of games, as if he needed more (Probably a good chunk of the 70 mentioned below). Currently he quoted himself as having somewhere in the neighborhood of 500+ games in a warehouse! Keeps the business going I guess.

But for me, I have over 500 games right now. And there are members on here that can verify that I have that much. Hell, i bought over 70 games alone this week.

Pinball auction prices

I didn’t stick around for the pinball prices, the arcade game auctioning had already taken place when I was there. But thanks to the pinball collectors at the RGP newsgroup, they already posted a list of final prices on the pins.

  • Scared Stiff – $2300 (looked in good shape)
  • NBA Fast Break – $1100 (DMD problems, minor playfield damage) Buy Back
  • Road Show – $1050 Buy Back
  • Attack From Mars – $1700 Buy Back
  • Harley Davidson – $1725
  • South Park – $1425
  • Cirqus Voltaire – $2850
  • Nascar – $1800 Buy Back
  • X-Files – $900 Buy Back
  • Monopoly – $1760 Buy Back
  • Sharky’s Shootout – $900
  • X-Files – $735 Buy Back
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula – $1025
  • Globetrotters – $700 (playfield is trashed, nice Back Glass) Buy Back
  • Paragon – $550 (Damaged Back Glass) Buy Back
  • Countdown – $400
  • Viking – $350 Buy Back
  • Four Billion BC – $600
  • Space Time – $225 Buy Back
  • Jungle King – $325 Buy Back
  • ???? (Ultra Pin – some kind of pin simulator) – $2200
  • Pinball Champ – $200 (Beautiful playfield and cab, little Back Glass flaking
  • Super Circus – ???
  • Bad Cats – $700
  • WirlWind – ???
  • Diner – ???
  • World Cup Soccer – ???
  • Simpsons – $750
  • South Park – $1250
  • Batman – $900
  • Monopoly – $1725
  • Corvette – ???
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula – $825

If anyone got final auction prices for some of the pinball games from the Chicago Expo, let me know.

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hello, Do you know where I can find an arcade auction in or near Ohio? I am looking for a Donkey Kong and Mrs Pacman. Any idea what they bring now days?


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Responded via email. Those are fairly easy games to come by when you are talking about collecting. But I would certainly hit up VAPS for collectors with large collections in your area, or even to see if anyone is selling those specific games.

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Hi: I’m in Chicago and trying to locate Troy Smith, MtzRcade. If you have contact info for Troy, could you email that info to me privately? Thanks Paul W

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