The Glob NOS Conversion Kit Found!

A member of the arcade collecting community turned up a real gem this weekend at an old operator’s warehouse, a complete NOS (New Old Stock) conversion kit. I have ties to this game now since I have vectorized most of the Glob artwork and someday will finish designing custom kickplate artwork for the game as well. If you haven’t ever played Glob before, it is a really fun game. The artwork is ok, here’s a photo of the pieces of the NOS kit.

I’ve never seen a Glob overlay

I had a hard enough time drumming up a high resolution image of both the bezel and the marquee, I didn’t even know that a control panel overlay for a Glob conversion existed.

NOS Glob conversion kit

I worked with Preston on the Gunsmoke control panel artwork reproductions, hopefully I can get some scans of the artwork from him. I would love to have all the pieces to help me accurately get ideas to design the kickplate artwork.

I would guess that this kit is worth at least $200 to the right individual, and I know at least 2 other interested people, not including the interest that has been indicated on the forums already. But Preston has said he’ll hang onto it, and he should. A complete NOS Glob conversion kit doesn’t come up very often, with two pieces of sideart, a bezel, a marquee, a control panel overlay and other pieces this is a unique find that I wouldn’t be able to put a price on myself. If this Glob kit was mine, I would never sell it the money just isn’t worth it.

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Hehehe. I feel famous. Great work on the vector stuff for the Glob you have already done. I had no idea you had worked on that stuff.

Yeah, you’re right about the money not being enough. I mean, if it sold for $200, that’d be great and all, but I can get another $200 sometime. I doubt I’d ever find another unused Glob kit!

I’d be happy to do whatever I can to help you finish your project.

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Famous, funny indeed 😉

Thanks for the scans so far of the control panel overlay. If and when you get your arcade warehouse bulk buy at a place where things settle down and you can scan the other portion, great. If not, that’s fine too, I understand.

Funny that this kit came up so recently, and then a mention of a ‘Super Glob conversion kit‘ by Shawn at Klov. I didn’t understand from his thread if he meant the cab with the artwork itself, or a whole separate kit.

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