Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-11-09

  • Arcade game west side Indianapolis – New Zealand Story!? Ha ha, weird, $200 over valued. http://snipr.com/4yaqb #
  • That Gyrodine showing up Louisville again, price down to $100. This Taito game worth closer $50-$75 @ auction – http://snipr.com/4zck6 #
  • Watching election coverage = watching paint dry. But perfect time to be sitting down and blogging about arcade games. #
  • Added new poll, want to make searching for content from Klov forums easier. Forum search is bad, and searching a thread for info is tough. #
  • Oldie / Goodie – Funny brutal mocking, reviewing, making fun of worst looking custom cabinet / mame builds ever – http://snipr.com/554pa #
  • http://www.ataricloakanddagger.com lapsed. A holding party has domain. Does anyone have contact info for the original owner of this Agent X site? #
  • I changed my mind. I’m launching a Ning social community just for classic arcade game collectors. Visit to join – http://snipr.com/556np #
  • Right side artwork, all colors, pink, yellow, blue & black, for Ms. Pac-man art are ‘done’, touched up, w/ brush by hand. Left side to go. #
  • Gorgar pinball machine for sale in Indianapolis – $300, has some issues – not completely working – http://snipr.com/56nfk #
  • Punch Out arcade game in Okemos, MI Craigslist for $200. Good value, probably worth $300 range in working order – http://snipr.com/57f71 #
  • Empty blue nintendo arcade game cabinet in Grand Rapids, MI for $100. Priced high, worth close to $65 range – http://snipr.com/57f7r #
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