Klov vs. Ning Round 3 – Built in PMs and Email

Last week we looked at a couple of value added time saving aspects of why the Ning arcade game forums / social community is so much better than the klov forums. Today we’re going to look at a small feature of Ning that although it might be concentrating too much on the minutia, the built in communication systems in Ning will save you time and keep your communication consistent.

Forums PM (Personal Messages) vs. Email Communication

If you’re like me, you don’t like ‘PMs’. If it isn’t bad enough that I have 3-4 email accounts to check and 2-3 social networks that I participate in, thinking about adding in individual communication systems that are centralized to that forum make me sick.

Klov is no different. I like to have all of my communication organized in my primary email, and there is no way to even have notifications tied to a primary email with that forum software. You have to go to klov, login, and look for the flashing envelope. Suck.

Klov PM Message Screen

Plus, here’s the other unexpected fun time you might encounter. If Klov’s session times out, if you didn’t fill in all of the blanks or if it doesn’t like a character it will error out. Typing out a long message to another collector? Hope it wasn’t important, because it’s gone.

In steps Ning

Ning gives you the beautiful option of both. If you love the system of PMs, Ning still has that, but with a twist. In most social networks you have ‘friends’. In Klov you can add someone to your address book, but Ning takes it one step further. When you go to send a message, you get a list of friend’s names with their avatar icons. You don’t have to recall just the name, you can recall visually what their avatar looks like as well. Oh yeah, you can click, one, two, or as many contacts as you want to message and then type your message. You don’t have to do a one to one message anymore. Great time saver.

You can personal message a contact in context within the forum or if you want to email someone randomly one day about an arcade game thought you had, you can do that too without having to try to remember your name. They are already in your friend list.

Ning Send Message Screen

The second method is that you can actually type in an email address. The benefit here is that if you prefer to communicate via email, you have that option. Plus, you can communicate with other individuals not on the forums about arcade related threads, topics, videos or photos that you feel like might interest that party.

It’s that easy. I have sent many messages now with Ning and haven’t lost one yet, where for the small amount of messages I sent on Klov, I probably lost 3-4 of them.

Summarizing the benefits in Ning for communication

Ning saves you time if you like to keep all communication tied together, it can give you piece of mind your message will rarely be lost if ever, and it makes communicating with your contacts that much easier. Try out the Arcade Game Collecting Community today (Or click on ‘forum’ above)to experience this feature and many more that can make your collecting experience online easier and more integrated.

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