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For those collectors who recognize the name, Rotheblog.com is now hosting the Pac-man information that was at the Lawnmowerman website that disappeared a couple of months back. For those of you visitors that just stumbled onto this post and don’t recognize that website, know that so much information you might need to troubleshoot, fix and restore your Pac-man was compiled on this website. It was so important to save this site from disappearing forever, and fortunately we have that opportunity.

What Pac-man information is on this website?

Check out the Lawnmowerman Pac-man website hosted at a subdomain here at Rotheblog.com for yourself. From pinouts and the Z80 Sync Bus Controller, to bootlegs of Pac-man and where to buy parts and t-molding, this website tried to be an up to date for every piece of Pac-man data you could imagine.

Now Iconic Image of Pac-man on Lawnmowerman website

Some of the information is a little outdated, some of the links no longer work and I have done a quick once through to try to update some of the link names as well as unlink some of the websites that no longer exist. I’ve also started to add a jump link navigation at the top to kind of segway to different sections seeing as the Pac-man information is lengthy and thorough.

Some photos are missing, and I am sure there are some extraneous documents that could be added as well. If you know where I can find these items online (beyond archive.org) so that I can add them back to this document let me know.

Also, I emailed the original owner from the email provided. If you were the original owner, I would like your blessing, but I also feel strongly about the overriding fact is that this information should not be lost. So hopefully we can all agree that this extensive Pac-man resource should be kept online for generations to come.

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Very cool. I used that page a lot back in the day. Tons of great info there, glad to see you’re hosting it.

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Eventually I may break the site down into pages for each of the sections, there are a ton of sections. It would make a really awesome all encompassing Pac-man mini website. Setup a separate WordPress install so that people can comment and leave questions to keep the content up to date…

I just realized I am not tracking traffic there…

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