Maneater – Have the Roms ever been dumped?

Does anyone know about this one? I know Maneaters are hard to come by, but have the roms from a working PCB ever been dumped from this game? Does someone have a link to where they are hosted online? I have searched some of the more predominant Mame rom websites and didn’t see anything at first blush.

The fiberglass cabinet is amazing, if you’ve never seen a Maneater you’re in for a treat. Here is a photo from a recent eBay auction and the flyer. One of those games you wish you had just as a talking piece, but figure the gameplay is pretty crappy.

Maneater Front View and Flyer Split View
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Maneater, like Pong, is solid state, thus has no ROMs and is not emulatable. Which is why it’s not in MAME.

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asmbir beat me to it. Funny this should come up, as I’ve been having the urge to play Tank (the predecessor of Combat on the 2600) but it too is solid state and not MAMEd.

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The graphics PROMs have been dumped. The PROMs for Tank, Steeplechase, and Anti-Aircraft are also dumped.

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As you can tell my post, I didn’t understand the fact that these are solid state arcade games.

If PROMs have been dumped, does that mean there is some sort of software out there to play those? Or is that an engine in Mame? I really have no clue here and I know you have a storied history and some in depth knowledge…

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