Photos of Rare Pac-man Bootleg – Mazeman?

A cool surprise this morning. Posted in my Arcade Game Collecting Community forum, some photos of a Pac-man ripoff by ‘Entertainment Industries’ called Maze man. I could only find a couple mentions of the game online and no images. I won’t be able to share the photos from that thread, but I do have some photos that were shared with me from another collector.

Mazeman Cocktail Number 2 - Photo 1

Entertainment Industries / Mazeman not on Klov

I don’t know what the policy is on Klov for bootlegs, maybe there is something written someone could paste into the comments box. I couldn’t even fine Entertaintment Industries listed in the manufacturers. All I could find were a couple of mentions on RGVAC of a book called ‘Mastering Pac-man’ by Ken Uston which had tips for the games Mazeman and Puc-One. Here is what that book looks like. (Photo Credit: Fred)

Mazeman Cocktail Number 2 - Photo 2Mazeman Cocktail Number 2 - Photo 3

Off Topic, but again today I was reminded of what a cool little site Steverd has with his
Classic Retro Arcade Videogame books page. Great reference material, was one of several mentions of this book.

When I first saw the photo, I immediately thought Pac-man clone. But if you look at the art, kind of funny. Looks like a Frog with dainty little mittens chasing….uh…penises? Penises and beer steins, you draw your own picture. Plus the hearts kind of reminds me of the hearts version of Ms. Pac-man.

I find it particularly strange that this clone is in a cocktail cabinet. Maybe the artwork conversion kits were less and these metal leg cocktail cabinets were easy to find. Is this a Sega cocktail?

Anyone know anything else about this game / bootleg / cabinet? Did Entertainment Industries make a kit for uprights? I didn’t see any information on Arcade Flyers (probably wouldn’t have been publicized if illegal right?) or the old Spies website (arcarc.xmission.com).

Has anyone seen photos of this game before?

Jan. 9, 2009
I never thought I would hear of another Mazman cocktail cabinet. But lo and behold, today a second one popped up in the Colorado area. Check out the comments below for more information and here’s a photo (Thanks Fred);

Mazeman Cocktail Number 2 - Photo 4
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This reminds me of the artwork on the Glob a little bit. Definitely strange. I thought they looked like penises (peni? :)) also. Glad to see I’m not crazy on that regard.

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It’s pretty well publicized how Atari went after any Pong clones from back in the day after they settled over the Magnavox Odyssey system.

But did Midway sue clones of Pac-man? I know this license from Namco was really the only airtight one…so maybe they did, but I don’t remember hearing about any of them.

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I just picked one of these up today. It’s a pretty horrible rip off of Pac Man. The sounds are horrendous and the screen graphics are nowhere near as cool as Pac Man. I checed online to see what I could learn about this beast and your blog and a couple ancient marquee mentions were the only things found.

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You picked up just a board to play the game? Or you got the bootleg in a similar cabinet…or the exact same cabinet?

Do you have any photos you could share?

Glad you found the site and left a comment either way.

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I saw one for free last night on CL. I called and never got a response, then the ad was pulled. Somebody got it, but this webpage is all I could find about it. I guess they are still some out there.

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Was it in Ft. Collins Fred?

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It looks to be the exact same cabinet. The T Molding is all jacked up but otherwise it’s in great condition. I’ll find your email so I can send pics to you. Cheers.

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Hey Marshall,

Yep that was the one. I don’t usually go up that way unless it’s a good deal. Free was good and the kids got in trouble yesterday so a couple hours round trip in the car was enough of a punishment for them lol.

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This whole chain of events is strange. Very rarely do I get replies when I post about local arcade game deals, let alone post about a game I thought was extremely rare and have two guys who sought the game find this post and write a comment.

Good thing the game was free…with so little information and apparently, such a bad knockoff…it might possess very little value…

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Any chance we can see screenshots of a video? I have been looking all over for this game since Ken Uston talked about it in his book “Mastering Pac-Man”.


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