Midway Burgertime picked up for $125!

This was around the 20th, and I totally missed it mired in class work. A newer collector (at least in my recollection) Alex L, picked up one of his first classic arcade games in the Indianapolis area off Craigslist and for a song – $125. It played blind I guess, and I don’t know details of the cabinet but hopefully Alex will email me back and let me know a little more and hopefully some braggin photos.

$125 for a Burgertime is a great deal

I love the cabinet design, so I am partial to Burgertime, but if the artwork was in decent shape and it sounds like maybe this cabinet was owned by an older lady so maybe it was stored in a dry place.

Either way, to find a game like Burgertime in Indianapolis for $125 is a great deal, playing blind should be an easy fix. The game is easily work a couple hundred more even during a recession, but I would not put the value at the $1000 mark that some looney had been posting about over the past 6 months here locally.

Congrats Alex, I haven’t seen a Burgertime pop up in Indiana since I’ve been collecting so you made a good catch. If you had picked up the Centipede for what – $175? That would have probably been a solid deal as well.

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Actually, I bought that Burgertime on Craigslist. I thought about the Centipede, but I figured another Indy KLOV forum member would enjoy it more. I bought it while at work and they delivered it to my store free of charge. I haven’t had time to repair/restore it yet though. I’ll keep you updated.

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Where in the city was the owner located?

I know you posted at Klov in the repair section for help…did you end up doing some of the suggestions there and find out anything further on why the Burgertime plays blind?

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I believe the previous owner was on the west side of town. I’ll finally have time to look it over & hopefully fix it by the 22nd of this month.

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Did you end up having any time for further repair on the Burgertime before Christmas like you thought you might?

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Yes, all voltages checked out fine, the monitor appears to be ok. We are guessing that the problem is something with the board. The display looks like a bad cartridge-based video game from the 8-bit Nintendo era. Just blocky garbage and no response when I try to give it credits.

Any ideas for what else I can check?

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Well…looks like the end result to this game was that it got ebay’d and the winning bidder – Bob N. out of Chicago purchased it for just over $200…pretty much a steal. Too bad it’s leaving the area…but at least it’s going to another collector that others know.

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Jeff. I got the Burgertime fom Bobn before he picked it up. The power connector to the board was on backwards and fried the board. I just thought I would let you know it is staying in Indy.

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