Photos of the Star Wars Cockpit artwork films

As I write a separate post on the Star Wars Yoke overlay, I figured I might be best served to break out these photos into a separate, short post.

All of the pieces of artwork for the coveted Atari cockpit are here inside and out, including the scaled down artwork for the side of the cabinet and the marquee backglass. I don’t see the piece for Darth Vader, the largest piece of artwork for the cockpit, but I’m sure it’s there.

Eventually the Star Wars Cockpit artwork will be reproduced

But who knows when. Initial estimates for a full artwork package will be in the range of $200-$250 total. For now, just enjoy lookin’ at the films and dreaming.

Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 1Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 2Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 3Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 4Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 5Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 6Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 7Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Photo 8

~Update 12.16.08
Below is a photo of the sideart film showing Darth Vader. A link to this post is now on the Star Wars arcade game – Resources and information page.

Star Wars Cockpit Artwork Films - Darth Vader
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If you do nothing else, do the cockpit marquee.. apart from owners of the SW cockpit with their flaking originals, their would be a big call from other arcade collectors and SW fans.. oh.. and I also need one 🙂


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Hey Hoops,

Good to hear from you again, and I knew right away when I heard about this Star Wars project that you would be interested.

But again, to re-iterate, I am not reproducing any artwork for Star Wars, this is all ThisOldGame’s doing. I am just reporting on it.

You’ll want to drop Rich a line and let him know you want one.

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Will there be an Irish version of the side-art ?

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Wish I could say yes…but I highly doubt it. Those films wouldn’t have been included.

If you have a scan of it, maybe Rich could make you a one off digital print.

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I doubt that the films are different, I think the only difference is the used colors. I know it’s already close to a miracle that this is all happening at all, so it’s not that important. I even like the blue color on the US version better (yes I’ve seen the US cockpit in reality too, my friend Luc has one) but for originality ‘s sake……anyway, I really don’t mind. I’ve even imagined how it would look like if the blue hadn’t been blue but black, just like the upright. I’ve always wondered why Atari choose the blue color on the cockpit. I think all black would look much better (after all, space is black) but it would sure hurt originality too much 🙂

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Any news on this mega-project ? I’m slowly getting ready to order the full side-art sets ! 😀

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I actually emailed Rich because I was curious myself. He said he’s trying to get a blog post on Coinopspace written up about it, but he has all the glass in had and has all the screens shot for all six colors!

So, hopefully soon he’ll post something else…

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For a second there I thought you were talking about a star wars fighter cockpit, like in one of those cockpit videos. I would soooo love to fly a real starcraft…

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