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One of my long list of tasks to tackle between my semesters was to do a design for Brian at GameStencils.com. This is the kind of custom work I live for, someone that has seen my work, likes what I do and they kind of let me run with some ideas. I got some general suggestions like ‘Not too serious, think Mars Attacks but with Space Invaders”. In the end, it was less comical Mars Attacks and more “If Space Invaders were on Xbox Live, how might the game look?”

Space Invaders Updated

With special effects. I had started to write this post last night, but it looks like Brian beat me to the punch, making an announcement about the new Game Stencils design at CoinOpSpace.

Game Stencils Space Invader Website Design

Brian wanted me to just come up with something for the main website header. The way the design turned out, I had to incorporate a nice realistic space background that would repeat without a seam. Was a little bit difficult but the results are cool.

This is a Space Invaders theme of sorts, since ‘theme’ seems to be the big buzzword today. Back in the day, three years ago, we just simply called these website designs, but I guess there is one difference. In the context of WordPress a theme is uniform across pages, very little change specific to each page.

In this case, Brian got hooked up with another collector, Jamie W. of Noiselandarcade. Jamie has developed a killer e-commerce package called Squirrelcart that has greatly helped me in my web consultant life. Jamie provides an iron proof shopping cart system with great support, which is was I need as a developer.

I have worked with a handful of e-commerce packages, and this is the best one I’ve used, plus it has support! Not a bunch of developers overseas not looking to interact with anyone. Plus Jamie is in the early stages of Beta testing for his new release which total ditches tables in favor of a much more flexible CSS based structure.

Simple themes you can implement

For Brian’s Space Invaders design, I just handed off the CSS and necessary HTML and some simple instructions and he plugged it in himself and made other necessary changes sitewide. Pretty simple. If you are looking for a design for your e-commerce website, give me a holler. Especially if you are using Squirrelcart, I can help you out.

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