Stencils to restore your Williams Bubbles arcade game coming soon?

That is something that was mentioned in passing tonight on CoinOpSpace.com. Rick Ford said that he will be getting some vellum after Rich at This Old Game.com showed collectors that it is possible to manually trace (with a pencil) artwork on the side of a cabinet. Every collector wants to do it all so let’s hope that Rick follows through if not now sometime in early spring.

Bubbles Stencils

If you’ve been waiting to restore your William’s Bubbles cabinet, the time might be soon at hand. Since Bubbles stencils aren’t available, if you don’t want to wait but you have a cabinet that still has artwork in tact but weathered, you could do the tracing yourself. Drop Rich at line at his website and he can also send you vellum so that more than one person is working on doing some tracing. (Photo credit – Hugh M. Bubbles Game)

Bubbles Arcade Game Cabinet

Either way, I think that offering up this method will really empower collectors, like I said when I originally announced Rich’s blog post concerning Scramble stencil artwork. Rich hasn’t come out and said, “I will definite produce Bubbles stencils”. But he did make the offer to send the vellum, so production is a little implicit. I think we’ll see other collectors step forward and make stencils available that we didn’t have before which is exciting for everyone. Stay posted here and we relay any updates we hear, when they become available.

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Yes I have sent the vellum off to Rick for a tracing so its in his hands now. Ill be giving this one over To Brian over at gamestencils.com to complete his williams stencil collection if hes up for the vectoring and I’ll have the scans.

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Rich…thanks for clarifying this, makes sense to have Brian sell them on Gamestencils since he’s got so many of the Williams stencil sets already.

Sounds like Rick has been heavy into the artwork as winter hits…since you are going to be talking about another Pac related project of his soon…

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Yay!!! I want this for my Multi-Williams cabinet I am making with JROK’s board. I’m going to do Robotron on one side and Bubbles on the other.

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Well, it’s been two months, so it might be time to send a follow up to Rick F. to see how things are progressing along…

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