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If you have no understanding of who Tim Skelly is you probably haven’t typed up a search in Google. The talented Tim Skelly developed a ton of fan favorite games, pushing the envelope of interactive gaming at the time and he was just in his late 20’s. Games like Rip Off, Armor Attack and War of the Worlds are just a few of his credits, and on February 4th, 2009 Tim will be chatting with the arcade community at CoinOpSpace.com. Read on for more details and how to join in.

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Tim Skelly Interviews are easy to find

That’s because Tim has made himself so accessible to the fan base of these classic games over the years, a true testament to his giving altruistic nature. I am like any other collector, I enjoy insight into the history of these gaming companies. Interviews are great, but it is a very controlled dispersion of information. One guy asks the questions, and the creator responds. It isn’t an open forum and that is the beauty of the chat. So many minds together asking questions that may have never been thought of before.

If you love any of the following games that Tim has worked on in his career, this will be a unique opportunity for you.

  • Star Hawk
  • Sundance
  • Solar Quest
  • Warrior
  • Rip-Off
  • Armor Attack
  • Star Castle (designer)
  • War of the Worlds
  • Reactor
  • Insector
  • Screw Loose

If you don’t know anything about Tim, and are like me in that you want to ask really good question, here are some of the better links you can easily find in Google to learn a little bit about Tim’s history;

Tim Skelly’s History of Cinematronics and Vectorbeam
Tim Skelly Interview @ Westnet.com
Short Biography of Tim Skelly – Siggraph Panel
Brian Deuel’s interviews with Tim Skelly

And, here are all of my Tim Skelly bookmarks from the Diigo arcade social bookmarking group.

On a related note, Screw Loose was one of the last games Tim Skelly worked on as a consultant at Gottlieb. Brian Jones just got his awesome Screw Loose page back online at his RGVAC website documenting the creation of the custom cabinet he made to house one of the only know Screw Loose PCBs.

This is the first of many arcade creators chats

Tim was nice enough to be the first, but he won’t be the last. Already scheduled for other arcade creator chats are Owen Rubin (Major Havoc, Space Duel) and Jeff Kulczycki (Donkey Kong 2). Head over to the CoinOpSpace.com event listing, sign up and RSVP for the event which is taking place next week, February 4th (a Wednesday night) 9:30-10:30 Eastern standard time.

If there are creators you would like to see in a live chat, please add your feedback on the creators chat post on the network.

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It is great that Tim is getting some of the deferred recognition that he deserves. The first coin-op game that I ever did sound for was ‘Reactor’ and Tim was a great mentor.
I am looking foward to reading the transcript from the chat.

david thiel (daudioguy.multiply.com)

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