Gunsmoke CPO artwork update – final

I’ve had a couple of people ask about the Gunsmoke CPO button artwork I vectored back in September of 2008 and what ever happened with that project. Here is the final update and what you should do if you want a set yourself.

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Brian Jones of Gamestencils.com was doing some color matching on the Gunsmoke artwork back in September and was really close to a final product. Then he had some health issues and had to revisit the project in early 2009.

During that time I handed off the artwork to the original collector, Preston B., who contracted me to do the Illustrator tracing. As far as I know Brian finished his color matching and sent Preston his CPO button artwork set. But Preston had the files to take to a local printer as well.

So, if you want a set of the Gunsmoke artwork, I would suggest getting in touch with either Brian at his website or drop Preston a line at his Nocashvalue.info arcade game blog.

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