Short update on the Cheyenne artwork project

This has been going on for a long time, hasn’t it? Last time I posted back in Sept. 2008, way I had a Cheyenne artwork update that basically said – no new news. In order for Brian Jones to print a set of this artwork, set = both sides, he needs scans of the left piece of sideart. I am sure by now, it’s probably disheartening to him that no one has offered to scan their cabinet. But we’ve heard consistent rumblings from guys that want to see this project done and a couple new developments have happened this week.

NOS Cheyenne artwork may be scanned

Rich Lint told me that a guy who has both sides of sideart, NOS, may be willing to send them to Rich to get scanned. This is really Brian’s project but those two guys help each other out all the time so if Rich actually gets the artwork, he’ll scan and stitch together the left side and send it off to Brian. Whether he’ll actually get the artwork mailed to him is another thing….

However, Ryan left a comment in the translated (from French – Vectorzorg) arcade cabinet artwork scanning tutorial that he was attempted to scan the left side of his Cheyenne so this project could finally get finished (Check the comments). He mentioned that sliding the scanner up and down the vertical cabinet and positioning it with a dowel wasn’t working for him, but for the Cheyenne guys out there here’s hoping he figures out how to do it another way even if it means laying the cabinet flat.

If you remember, the potential for digital reproductions of Cheyenne sideart came up in April of 2008 and has been stalled since late last year. As I hear more, I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Have there been any other updates on this project? I have a Cheyenne I’m itching to restore.

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The last time I knew, it was determined for sure that the Orange in the artwork could not be, in any sense of the word, accurately replicated with a digital print. For that big issue, the project has been on the backburner from my recollection.

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