Interesting Arcade Links – 2009-04-05

  • Guerilla War arcade game Indianapolis Craigslist $125. Cheap video game, full sideart – http://snipr.com/exsi7 #
  • Atari Asteroids, vector monitor issue, wants $200 Indianapolis Craigslist. With the market, may be $50 too high – http://snipr.com/exskd #
  • Final Lap arcade game – $250, dual racing style stand up, cool kickplate artwork NW Indiana Chicago Craigslist – http://tinyurl.com/cr7qxm #
  • Galaxian mini $400, Indianapolis Craigslist. Haven’t seen one before, probably priced too high by around $100 – http://tinyurl.com/c6otqt #
  • 3 arcade games, Wapakoneta / Lima Ohio Craigslist – Zero Wing, Thunder Fox, Shinobi. Good restorations?? $200 each – http://snipr.com/ext4q #
  • Atari Marble Madness for $500! in Anderson, Cincinnati Craigslist. Priced a little high, but not a common game – http://tinyurl.com/d6z3sq #
  • 1983 Taito game Change Lanes, Chicago Craigslist. Complete, but NW. Probably worth less than set price of $100 – http://tinyurl.com/c5joyy #
  • 3 arcade classics – Zaxxon, Carnival, Donkey Kong Jr. Richmond Chicago Craigslist $500, for each? Good price for 3 – http://snipr.com/ey8k8 #
  • Ms. Pac-man arcade game $225 Rockford (Chicago) Illinois Craigslist. Good deal depending on condition of cabinet – http://snipr.com/ey8p9 #
  • Bagman arcade game in Kentwood, Grand Rapids MI Craigslist – $400. Priced too high, but these don’t come up often. http://snipr.com/eydi6 #
  • Karate Champ arcade game in Flint, MI. Make an offer, fairly popular non classic era game – Could be good deal. – http://snipr.com/eyhtb #
  • Complete Galaxian arcade game, $200. Guy’s been trying to sell for some time, good price – Indianapolis Craigslist – http://snipr.com/f5dvd #
  • Depth Charge back up for sale – $195, Kentwood Grand Rapids MI Craigslist. Rare game, may talk him down to $150 – http://snipr.com/f5dz1 #
  • Sega Major League arcade game – Brookville, OH Craigslist 80. Interesting looking game, cool artwork, cheap price. http://snipr.com/f5e7r #
  • Atari Asteroids cocktail table game $150 – Stanwood Grand Rapids area Craigslist MI – Good price, check condition – http://snipr.com/f5ou3 #
  • Looks like Mr. Donkey Kong is still for sale Bitely Craigslist (Grand Rapids, MI) Might be a great deal in hiding – http://snipr.com/f5p05 #
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