Quantum CPO sells on eBay for $146.01

Law of supply and demand baby, and those laws supersede any type of market climate. Where many games have seen a dip as much as 25-30% of their value, parts and games that are highly sought after and that had limited initial production runs always sell for a ton of money.

Quantum parts are hot

It’s funny to think about a selling a Quantum control panel overlay selling for nearly $150, when you probably would struggle to sell a complete Frogger for a similar price. Here are the photos;

Quantum CPO Photo 1Quantum CPO Photo 2Quantum CPO Photo 3

The seller doesn’t specify whether this was one of the reproduction Quantum overlays from back in the day that Tom McClintock footed. That worked in his advantage, those overlays were such high quality that I am sure only the highest trained eye would be able to tell the difference when applied.

Quantum CPO eBay Listing

It’s a shame to think that someone still hasn’t reproduced sideart or kickplate artwork for Quantum. Not many out there, the demand would be low. But my guess is that you could sell, maybe, 25 sets. There will be guys to snatch it up to apply, some to hoard and resell when the timing is right, but the game will always have a following and this auction shows that even in the face of ambiguity, reproduction artwork on the right game can bring in some serious coin.

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It was one of Tom McClintock’s repros Jeff. I have a few here myself. That cpo was thrown into the deal for the actual game that ‘dogfacedgods’ bought not long ago (a game I helped him locate actually).

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I’m still kicking myself at my ignorance when I started this hobby. I passed on a local ad for a Pulsar and Quantum together for $50! It was a woman whose husband left them behind after the divorce and she just wanted them gone. I was new to the collecting hobby and didn’t know about anything other than the games I remembered fondly. Both were in excellent condition and fully working. The Quantum actually looked like it had either been fully restored with NOS parts, or it had just lived a very pampered life.

Man, I blew that one, huh?

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JEff Rivera… We have all made these mistakes. Only been in the hobby for 2-3 years now (lost track) and I can count how many “mess ups” I have done. Was even offered a Mad Planets from another collector that I didn’t know anything about… Look back now should of checked it out before he sold it (he had two). Passed on a Bulk Deal (16 machines @ $1600) but due to $4.00 a gallon and 4-5 hours away I think I made the right decision seeing only 1/3 of the machines worked. I have a few more but you get the point.

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Have we ever, to some intrinsic degree or another. An original, barely on location Mr. Do! for me. Not nearly a Quantum, but hey…

Pulsar huh? Just a rare nice piece I am guessing was the point. There is a really nice Quasar on eBay here locally for $200. Not $50, but to someone who wants an immaculate one $200 is probably a little hard to find…

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