Rally-X overlay separations finished

Over Christmas I had time that I was able to vectorize the Rally-X control panel overlay artwork. I knew that once school started, I probably wouldn’t get back to the color separations until May. Instead, I finished them this week knowing that there were probably a couple of other pieces that I’d like to do in that downtime.

Rally X control panel overlay artwork

Like I had said in January, the artwork is really simple beyond the car. Hence, the color seps aren’t much to look at for this overlay;

Rally-X Color Separations

The artwork is finished, and has been sent off to Rich Lint. He’s got it now, and has put this overlay into the que. I don’t know when it will actually be printed, but will post on this arcade game blog when I know more. If you have any questions about reproduction date, direct those to Rich at Thisoldgame.com.

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So the middle ‘orange’ stripe is combination of the red and yellow stripes?

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That’s right, that is how I separated it. I still have the middle stripe on a separate layer in case that is a spot color, but my guess was that they were looking to generate that orange by using the other two.

Time will tell when Rich prints it.

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