Rock Ola sideart decal really finished

After 8 months of waiting, I finally got some final dimensions for the vector Rock Ola logo, so now that sticker artwork for a number of classic Rock Ola games including Demon is finished. Here are the sizes as an FYI.

This was a pretty simple project from the start, but sometimes even getting measurements from a game that is stored or pushed in a corner can be difficult. The last week of March I finally got a physical drawn out diagram showing the Rock Ola artwork with a height and a width. Good thing I got those, they were a little bit different from the scan. I usually trust the scan whole heartedly, but that is when I do the scanning.

Rock Ola Vector Logo This was the dimension information I was given for the decal;

  • Width – 24.5″
  • Height – 14.125″
  • Border – 3/16″ all around

There was a 3/16″ white border around the artwork, so I added a separate layer in Illustrator for the cutline. I am curious to see the final printed out product, but who knows when that will be. As far as I know the guy that will be doing a print will just a simple digital print out, nothing screened.

Anyone have a pretty confident list of all of the Rock Ola games that used this artwork?

Update – 4.15.09
Sounds like the collector that wanted this Rock Ola sideart done has gotten in touch with This Old Game now and they may be printing it instead of the printer out of Chicago. Stay tuned, will update as I know more.

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