Sinistar for $200 Craigslist – Phoenix Arizona

I don’t usually say the typical “If only you were closer”, but wow, a working Sinistar for $200 with a whole bunch of new parts. I would be all over that if I was anywhere near Arizona.

The cheapest working Sinistar I’ve ever seen

Here’s the text from the ad and the screenshot / closer up of the Williams Sinistar.

Sinistar, Williams, 1982 – Original dedicated cabinet, new control panel overlay, powder coated coin doors, and new t-molding. Machine is complete and working but will need a new monitor. $200.00 FIRM (No Trades) Email to contact.

Sinistar Photos from Arizona Craigslist
Sinistar Arizona Craigslist aD>

This guy is either a bonified collector, or he has a handful of machines if we were to make some assumptions from the text. And, unless he got this Sinistar originally for dirt cheap, he’s losing some money. The parts alone (CPO, t-molding, etc) would have possibly cost him over $100.

Someone get on this and snatch it up. Hopefully locally to Indianapolis so I can buy it sometime down the road 🙂 I just missed out on a Sinistar a couple of hours away that filtered back out into the Chicago area.

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Great price right? All it needs is a new monitor…probably meaning it has some screen burn. I have thought the Craigslist ad might be gone when I went to find it again this morning.

What is the lowest you’ve ever seen a Sinistar sell for Kent?

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Wow, that does look like a great deal for what appears to be an incredibly clean machine. It’s almost worth the time and gas to drive over from Vegas…

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I think if I could drive five and a half hours for a $200 Sinistar that looked like that, I would.

Looks like someone else picked it up and is flipping it, looking to make a $100. The game is relisted on Craigslist with a price point and different photos for $300.

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I have a question just found this blog, i bought my sinistar arcade game and it looks in the same condition as the game in the photo’s. It too has screen burn, i was wondering how much it would be worth. The trim is coming off at the bottom a tiny bit but that is really the only issue.

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