Different Mr. Do! Bezel Sizes

I was looking forward to today, a package was coming for me that contained not one but two of those character artwork Mr. Do! bezels that you can find on the rare white licensed version of the game. The price to ship is the same whether it was one or two, so I just bought both. However, I got a little bit of a surprise when I did some comparison.

Licensed Mr. Do! came as different conversion kits?

The Spies archive has a photo of a decal version of this white Mr. Do! sideart, an apparent piece to a conversion kit that was available. Today would seem to confirm that even further. When I took out the Mr. Do! bezel that I had bought on eBay two years ago, I found out that the two that I got bought were a different size. Not only in height, but in width as well. Check out this photo (My buddy got in on the action);

Different Bootleg Mr. Do! Plexi Bezels

Here are the sizes of the bezels;

  • Larger Mr. Do! Bezel – 23.5 x 22.25
  • Smaller Mr. Do! Bezel – 23 x 20.5

I know there is another rectangular piece of plexi that is mounted typically to the back wall of these cabinet to make them complete and I can only assume both sizes have this piece. The cutoff on the artwork is similar, we don’t see the artwork that is normally on that second piece completely making it onto the larger bezel.

We shall see. I asked Chris to take a look at the measurements of the current bezel in the white Mr. Do! cabinet. Regardless, I will be selling the plexi bezel that is in the cabinet now. It is either specifically a bezel for Looping, or it is just a generic bezel. Also last week I finally got a new lead on tracking down the former CEO of Universal and asking him some questions about the companies that licensed and built Mr. Do! cabinets.

If you own a Mr. Do! with one of these bezels and want to help me out, measure yours and submit the dimensions. If you can, send me a digital photo too. Let’s see if there are yet a third or a fourth different size. I’ll include the information in this post.

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That’s an interesting discovery. So you’re saying there had to be a conversion kit to this other style, not just dedicated cabinets, since the differing bezels would suggest there was a bezel sticker that’s been cut to size?

I’ve seen that sideart sticker variant before. I was thinking of trying to modify any vector art that comes off your cabinet to look more like that design, since my cabinet is not shaped properly for the artwork just as it is.

I hope you can reach the head of Universal and that he can remember what brought about these crazy variant cabinets.

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Both different sized bezels I have were screened artwork, so it wasn’t like they sent a bezel sticker in the conversion kit. The would have produced different sized plexi glasses.

Recently I saw a Scramble conversion on sale on eBay with this Mr. Do! bezel. Didn’t look that closely at where the artwork was cut because, I had no idea there was a difference.

Plus Daniel T. has a converted Mr. Do! like this too, but only the bezel and back plexi artwork.

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Is Daniel’s lower and back panel connected in some way or does the back panel just rest on top of the bottom one? I ask because it looks like they bend in a curvy sort of way at the back.

Perhaps it came as one very long piece of plexi, for bottom and back, and people cut them in half at the appopriate point for different sized cabinets? And for cabinets where there was no need for a back panel they just discarded it, thus explaining why there are loose bottom panels floating around with no matching back panel.

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From what I’ve learned from talking to people, I believe they were two separate pieces of plexi.

When I look at my two bezels, the one bezel has a ‘finished’ looking edge, the other one is kind of ragged. So I suppose it could have been cut down.

Here is the photo from that eBay auction for a ugly Mr. Do! Scramble conversion in New York. You notice the bottom of this bezel is just like my shorter versions, it cuts off most of the sundae ice cream artwork in about the same spot.

Mr. Do! Bezel Artwork - Scramble Conversion
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I checked the bezel in your game and it is 23 3/8″ wide x 21 5/8 tall. The space allocated on the cabinet for the bezel is larger, so this bezel is way too small for the cabinet. The bezel should be closer to 23 7/8″ wide x 22 1/4″ tall, which means your larger bezel should fit just fine without leaving too much space on the edges.

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looking at the 2 it looks like the smaller one was just cut down at some point
Id bet they did something more standard than the piece would be cut to fit which cabinet it might be going in
take some measurements of some of the graphic elements
Id bet they are the same. Not likely theyd screen something in different sizes unless it was for a speciffic conversion

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It appears that the monitor opening is exactly the same. Is that correct? Then the left, right and bottom look to have been trimmed down to size.

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Actually the bezel is a single piece that covers the lower and upper section. Looks like someone made their own cuts on those.

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Hey there,
I recently purchased a mini Mr. Do (5ft 5in.) and a full size original Rlling Thunder for $300 delivered to my house. The Mr Do is in a mod box, and is all black no artwork, and the bezel doesnt match the game at all, its like space invaders…lol.
Do you want to sell one of your bevels?

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Send me the dimensions of the bezel, lets see if its even a close fit.

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Mine’s even larger. And it was installed in what appears to be a woodgrain Universal cab. ???

The bezel is so long it’s custom bent at the back to go up until it hits the top of the cab.

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Adam Courchesne ยป Its good to have you drop a note about the bend, I just wonder how the conversion kit came for Mr. Do! It would seem that huge bezel with a bend wouldn’t ship efficiently, but I wonder if the ops truly cut the bezels to size or how that worked. Maybe they were big enough money makers that cost efficiency on the kit didn’t matter.

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