Interesting Arcade Links – 2009-05-24

  • Wow. Working Donkey Kong arcade game – $125, a great price. NW Indiana near Chicago Illinois on Craigslist – http://tinyurl.com/q8yaay #
  • FREE painted over Pac-man cabinet in Chicago area craigslist. Get it quick before it’s gone – http://tinyurl.com/oazux6 #
  • Arlington Horse Racing arcade game cabinet. $99, has monitor, good for Mame – New Albany Louisville Craigslist – http://tinyurl.com/oz6h8f #
  • Die Hard arcade game – $125, Nebo Kentucky? Western KY Craigslist. Needs monitor work, good $, or talk down price- http://is.gd/C4xv #
  • Williams Swinger EM Pinball machine $300. East Indianapolis, Indiana Craigslist. Fair value working pinball – http://tinyurl.com/qtn5mf #
  • Home edition Demolition Derby Pinball machine in Indianapolis for only $75. Not for the diehard pinball fan – http://tinyurl.com/oavs6l #
  • $200 – Atari Kangaroo cocktail. Sure you could talk it down. Ph. 765-465-1052 Muncie IN, north of Indianapolis – http://snipr.com/ihu29 #
  • 3 arcade game boards for sale in Wyoming MI. Sega games, less popular – $80. Probably worth more like $60 – http://is.gd/C4HZ #
  • Atari Asteroids for $50 Craigslist! Non working, but sounds like it may be complete – Cincinnati Ohio area, hurry! – http://snipr.com/ii84i #
  • Deals keep rolling in. Atari APB Arcade game, working, for $100 in Chicago area Craigslist! Awesome deal. Hurry! – http://snipr.com/ii867 #
  • Midway Costco type cabinet with a ton of games $25. Bloomington, IN. Great deal, even if just for the monitor – http://snipr.com/ikqnl #
  • Creature Black Lagoon pinball – $500 McLean DC Craigslist. Popular machine, good price, something is wrong – http://tinyurl.com/o94ae7 #
  • Shootout arcade game – Columbus Ohio area Craigslist – $75 – Working, decent price on a lesser known game – http://snipr.com/iodvr #
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