Fun arcade / console game themed illustrations

I was doing some searching on Flickr about a week and a half ago for some photos of arcade machine or two and stumbled across this fun illustration of Pac-man mowing through a ghost. You haven’t seen anything quite like this before.

If our 8 bit characters were real

They might look like this at their demise. The illustration style is definitely unique, and even though they all fit as a series, I definitely like the Pac-man the most because it isn’t really bloody where the other images have some blood and guts. Some of the other images include Dig Dug, Mario, and Kid Icarus.

Pac-man - 8 Bit Fatalities

Visit the whole 8-Bit Fatalities series on Flickr to see the rest. You can also visit the artist’s website (Steven Lefcourt) at Tasty Paints.com. He has a modern dreamlike style of illustration that he seems to use acrosss mediums but mostly used on t-shirts.

I think I would buy this Pac-man image on a shirt if it didn’t say ‘8 Bit Fatality’ on it. I love detailed textured illustration instead highly simplistic artwork and this is right up my alley. We could do a sublimation print to get the true colors and detail since screen printing couldn’t replicate this. I wonder if Steven would allow me to make myself a shirt or not if I could buy a copy of the digital artwork….

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Wow, that dig dug image is a bit gruesome. I almost feel bad now about inflating my foes until they explode! Almost.

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