Video playback of my now working Hyperball

I just had to share this. Within a short time, and with minimal effort the Hyperball that I brought home on Thursday night is now up and running. Not everything is perfect, I still need to find a blown fuse probably for the backglass lights, but I now have a working pinball in my possession.

My wife likes Hyperball

I believe the quote was “This is kind of fun”, as she pushed the one player button a third time. I’ll take it. That is about as excited as I’ll see her I’m sure, but considering how loud the machine is, I think this bodes well for the future:)

Here’s the gameplay.

Sidebar, man did I have a hard time figuring out an easy way to rotate a video clip. I had a recorded video from my Olympus camera as an .mov file, and to get it to YouTube rotated was a long process.

Export out of Quicktime pro to an .avi file. Make sure to not use any compression. Import that file into Windows Movie Maker. Add the file to the timeline, and add an effect “Rotate 90 degrees”. If I compressed the file out of Quicktime, Windows Movie Maker only recognized the file, probably due to the codec, as and audio file and therefore I couldn’t add any effects to it.

Then, add a couple of brighten filters and publish to a WMV to then upload to YouTube. What a pain.

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I have rotated a couple of videos in iMovie. It takes me a minute or two to find the setting each time, but no file conversion is necessary.

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P.S. WOW the sounds on that game are very loud. Then again, all pins are loud just from the mechanics.

Reading this makes me anxious to get started on my two pin projects. 🙂

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Nice score. 🙂 I saw something in the manual like “insert 55 pinballs” and thought it was a typo at first. Looks like a fun game.

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