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Updates / Arcade Finds on Craigslist – 2009-06-28

  • 2 cocktail cabinets – $150 in Louisville, KY. Amazing deal! Trivia Whiz and Exploder 4? That can't be right. http://tinyurl.com/n9574m #
  • Stop motion Donkey Kong video made using only sticky notes outside a brick office building. Very cool, ton of work – http://snipr.com/kxi0r #
  • Top X list can = great traffic on social media sites, even if list is cliche & recycled. This one got 475 Diggs! http://tinyurl.com/rddcl2 #
  • Getting prepped to talk with Q*Bert creator Warren Davis – live, in an hour at Coinopspace.com… http://tinyurl.com/lpef38 #

Warren Davis (Q*Bert) Creator Chat Coming Today!

The weeks before a chat never go as planned and this one was no different. Here Warren Davis, one of the creators of Q*Bert, is dropping by Coinopspace.com to have a chat with our members and I barely can find the time to write up an informational post. So, if you are reading this before the chat tomorrow, here are some articles and tid bits that might be interesting to guide the questions for discussion. (more…)

Save time exporting web images using Fireworks

There are so many loyalists to Photoshop among the design community that feel like Photoshop is the be all – end all to any graphic editing needs. However, as a designer we all know that reducing time = better efficiency = greater profitability. So why don’t more designers use Adobe’s Fireworks for exporting graphics instead of Photoshop? Slicing in Fireworks can cut your time in half – here’s the comparison between Photoshop and Fireworks. (more…)

Transcript from Rusty Dawe chat at Coinopspace.com

Just this past month we had yet another arcade game legend stop by Coinopspace for a live chat with pinball and arcade enthusiasts alike. Russel ‘Rusty’ Dawe spent over two hours reminiscing and sharing some stories about his time at Atari. Over his ten year tenure, Rusty helped develop a whole slew of well known arcade games. A number of interesting items came out, like where to find easter eggs in a number of his games and the real story behind Firefox’s dubious appearance at the AMOA.

Russel 'Rusty' Dawe Live Chat at Coinopspace.com


Updates / Arcade Finds on Craigslist – 2009-06-21

  • Sega Turbo arcade game for $75 – Bloomington, IN. Needs the controller board. Decent value, price check that board – http://snipr.com/kfxnr #
  • Bionic Commando arcade machine Hilliard Columbus Ohio – $50, not working. A good deal, even if just for monitor – http://snipr.com/kfxp9 #
  • Rushin' Attack arcade game $150 – Burlington Kentucky (Cincinnati). Overpriced IMO, even working $100< offer. http://tinyurl.com/nxxgu5 #

Editing layered Fireworks pngs in Photoshop

It’s been over four years now since Adobe bought Macromedia and all of their flagship products like Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. We have seen two new versions of the Adobe Creative Suite since then. The first one did some basic integration between the programs, the second release of CS more tightly integrated all of the software. So why in the heck can’t the almighty Photoshop open up layered .png files that were originally created in Fireworks? (more…)

Where on an Electrohome G07 is R1?

I spent..a stupid amount of time trying to figure this out, and am going to bed without a true solution. So, if you have used Randy Fromm’s flowcharts for troubleshooting an Electrohome G07 monitor and can help me out, that would be awesome. (more…)