Updates / Arcade Finds on Craigslist – 2009-07-19

  • Asteroids Deluxe for $450 in Chicago, IL on Craigslist. Check the condition, cabinet & artwork does look good – http://snipr.com/ncurh #
  • Sega Frogger arcade game in Allegan / Kalamazoo MI Craigslist. Working condition unknown, selling for less $200? – http://snipr.com/ncvu1 #
  • Pac-man cabinet – $50 housing a Sky Shark in Columbus, OH Craigslist. Good price, sell off parts & cost = wash. http://tinyurl.com/nd8nlh #
  • Multi Williams game in a Moon Patrol cabinet for $400 – Chicago, IL Craigslist. Good price, nice looking cabinet – http://snipr.com/nd0b9 #
  • X-Men arcade game, not working, ROM error?. Good opportunity cheap machine, monitor worth $ – Columbus area Ohio – http://snipr.com/nd0dz #
  • Nintendo Popeye for $150 – Columbus Ohio Craigslist. Awesome price, heck, could be the one I sold a year+ ago – http://tinyurl.com/lxfz9a #
  • Atari Destroyer for $150! Bay City MI Craigslist, NW, but still a rare game & decent price, awesome cabinet artwork – http://snipr.com/nd1iv #
  • Capcome Bowling in Q*Bert cabinet – $100. Might talk down further for amazing deal – Peoria Chicago Craigslist – http://tinyurl.com/n97n92 #
  • Jacks to Open pinball machine – 1984, Best Offer deal. Basic layout, you might be able to get for a great price – http://snipr.com/nd4hu #
  • Moving must sell Mario Bros. up in Chicago IL Craigslist. Motivation makes for a good deal, buy for $200 or less – http://snipr.com/nd4m2 #
  • Mortal Kombat PCB & sound board only $25 – Working. Excellent price, on Craigslist Chicago, IL (Logan Square) – http://tinyurl.com/lcutmn #
  • Gunsmoke for $200 working, in Columbus, OH (Craigslist). Probably not worth that, limited audience interested – http://snipr.com/nfuvr #
  • Ikari Warriors $100, bad sound – Columbus OH. Cheap game, if Ikari is your bag. Heck, could just use the cabinet. http://snipr.com/nfv2a #
  • Atari Kangaroo in Salem, IN – $300. Worth $200 or way less in this market. Know a guy in CA just got one for $40! – http://snipr.com/nfv9n #
  • NBA Jam arcade game w/ some issues – $250. Probably can get for $100 or less if NW – Louisville, KY Craigslist – http://tinyurl.com/mk9vda #
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