One of the 3-4 HUO Pengo’s is up for sale

Not mine. I doubt I’ll ever have to worry about needing to sell off my HUO Pengo to pay for a bike. The nice thing about a HUO game is that it retains its value better during a down market. Where the average user might only be able to sell a beat up Pengo today for $200, Bill might be able to sell this Pengo for his asking price of $700-$800.

HUO Pengo in Chatham, Ontario

Bill picked up this Pengo in good old Battle Creek MI in 2007. He paid $500 for it and traveled 900 miles to pick it up. So sad that it is changing hands so soon, especially for the work to take it so far away from the general collecting populous.

HUO Sega Pengo in Canada

Bill is only the second owner, this Pengo also the prize from a Quaker Oats contest in 1982. Look at it, minty fresh..it looks beautiful. You can read up on Bill’s website the short history and recounting of his travels to pick up the game, or if you think you are interested in purchasing Pengo, pop over to the thread on CGCC. Each of us has his own priorities. I would never trade up a one of a kind machine for a 60-1.

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Wow, nice machine, even if it is a Pengo 🙂

I have a feeling that once all those nice original games are sold off, he’ll be missing them. The bike is cool and all, but you can’t play the bike during the cold winter and when friends come over!

60 in 1’s? Ugh.

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To each there own. I would always say you would have time to purchase the ‘toy’, but to have a one of a kind item would be truly hard to find again. He certainly knows what he is doing though, and has been collecting awhile so in my mind that is better than the appearance of a quick buy and flip. Oh. And this is the guy with the Space War. I recognize that webpage…

DKJr, Galaga, Galaxian, Tron project, Sinistar – all of these, no problem finding these again. He’s got a solid collection of popular games, and appears to be keeping some of the harder to find ones. Just refreshing my memory of his gameroom photos, that is one fantastic looking Star Castle. He must just not like the gameplay of Pengo that much.

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Nobody likes the gameplay of Pengo! 😉

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