Starting to fix a Ms. Pac-man playing blind

Sometimes its knowing how to search. If you have a popular game like Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Galaga, or a myriad of others they may have a Electrohome G07 monitor. There are plenty of materials online for how to fix a monitor, you just have to know the right question to ask to direct a search – you’ll want to start by searching for “G07 flow chart”.

The Best G07 Flowchart

I put this post together in response to a question I got on Facebook;

“I picked up a decent Ms. Pacman that plays blind. There is no glow from the GO7’s tube. The dude said it was last played two years ago, and stored in a garage since then. Sad to find that it was negleted so, but I would like to bring it back to it’s quarter-eating glory! (only set on freeplay in the dining room…lol). I do know that the dude delivered it here to me lying on it’s back, which I told him was not a good idea… But not sure if that actually has anything to do with it. So if you have any tips, I would be superbly appreciative.”

No glow in the neck of the tube is not uncommon. One of the best set of resources around (highly recommended) for repair and troubleshooting are the materials by Randy Fromm, including his flowcharts. I have used his G07 flowchart in helping me troubleshoot the monitor in my Mad Planets.

Where can I get this G07 flowchart?

Starting with the above query or more specifically “Randy Fromm flowchart” will help. One of the results you will get is Randy’s website. Randy Fromm is a master of arcade tech, but for someone looking to sell something online his site experience is ill-maintained and a portion of it is outright broken. He does offer a subscription to the flowcharts and other resources online, if you can find what you need. Again, I highly recommend his materials, I don’t recommend attempting the experience of directly purchasing from him.

Otherwise – if you feel you can’t spring for full price, the charts still exist online – look at common file transfer services, or visit common arcade forums like Coinopspace or Klov. Users there can help share resources or can sell you a used set of the materials at a discount.

Back to the troubleshooting question. Once you have the flowchart in front of you, obviously you will need a Multimeter to do some testing of components. The next step, you will want to check to see whether F901 or F902 is blown. You’ll also want to check and make sure you are getting power to the monitor.

Hopefully, this points you in the right direction.

As always, just search ‘No neck glow’ on RGVAC for a myriad of results, many talking about G07 monitors. You can also check the troubleshooting guides on the Lawnmowerman website for specific information about the Pacman family games.

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