Value of a set of Donkey Kong pushbuttons?

I like learning about the history of arcade games, but keeping up on the value of all of the different arcade parts certainly isn’t my strongest suite. I know general game values, but I was even shocked tonight to learn that there is a significant greater value for a set of three Donkey Kong pushbuttons than your regular buttons due to a couple of characteristics.

Nintendo Donkey Kong buttons were metric

While Wico buttons may look very similar, if you compare those two push buttons side by side you will notice differences including the circumference of the Nintendo buttons is a touch smaller.

Donkey Kong Control Panel - Missing Orange Button

That’s all fine and dandy, so what? Well, no one makes these buttons anymore so finding an NOS set or even used buttons can be difficult and therefore they can be worth more. But before we get into the value of these concave push buttons, let’s look at some collecting history and one guy who reproduced these parts.

Tom Nosheeples and Specialty Plastics

In 2004, a member of RGVAC named Tom (nosheeples) had the knowledge and detail to reproduce these buttons for Donkey Kong. Here is a photo of those buttons he sold on his now defunct website that was on AOL spaces.

Donkey Kong Reproduction Buttons

2004 has been five years ago already, and Tom has not been around for awhile it would seem. Not that long, but in a cyclical hobby like arcade game collecting five years is long enough that a new breed of collectors don’t know that these buttons are rare let alone reproduced.

Here is a timeline of Tom’s reproduction based on his RGVAC posts.

I didn’t research where his other projects fell into line, but he did produce some other arcade parts, like Atari cones (tall and short) as well as some glowing Nintendo push buttons;

I’ve been told, making the molds for the push buttons isn’t that hard, and that getting a hold of Tom’s moulds wouldn’t be of that much value. But matching the colors (especially the dark blue) is the hard part, and Tom alluded to that in his postings on RGVAC.

Value of Donkey Kong buttons?

Hard to pinpoint an exact value, but based on my feedback I would say somewhere between $15-$25 ($25 being on the really high side). Tom gradually increased his prices to the point where a set sold for $17.00 and change, and collectors still bought them.

If you’ve got a set of used or even NOS! Donkey Kong buttons, don’t assume you would have to practically give them away. They are worth some decent money (for buttons).

Think my valuation is off? Or got something else to add, like some details to the historical timeline? Leave a comment, and hopefully a link or two.

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Tom also produced the much sought after Robotron 4″ shaft, red ball joystick, joust yellow and blue, bubbles blue w/special shaft and those crazy tron handle repro’s. He was pretty active for awhile.

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