Updates / Arcade Finds on Craigslist – 2009-08-09

  • Atari Toobin FS Cincinnati Ohio Craigslist – only $200! Great price. Same as one up in Ft. Wayne Ohio a month ago? http://snipr.com/olwxa #
  • Mortal Kombat 3 arcade game – $150 – Naper Chicago Craigslist. Good price, decent looking conversion – http://snipr.com/olxgc #
  • Robotron arcade game – South Bend Indiana for $650. Moderately hard to find arcade game, but still check condition – http://snipr.com/olxja #
  • I, Robot FS South Bend, Indiana Craigslist – $850. Very rare game, condition looks solid, these don't come up often – http://is.gd/20Ljc #
  • Atari Battlezone FS / Trade in Lexington KY Craigslist. BZ will always be desireable, worth offering something – http://snipr.com/olxy4 #
  • This weekend someone snagged an Atari Xevious arcade game in Cincinnati for $75! Seller Lance – 513-373-7373 – Worth 2x checking its gone. #
  • Heard of Arnie's Place? A former classic arcade in CT. This collector dedicates his website to that history – http://tinyurl.com/kklht2 #
  • Galaga cocktail arcade game in Chicago for $450. Game is working, bottom a touch chewed up, not terrible price – http://tinyurl.com/nldwpr #
  • Bally pinball machine Frontier – $375 on Columbus Ohio Craigslist. Worth $500? A little underpriced? Not sure. http://tinyurl.com/m5knsb #
  • Empty arcade cabinets for $50 in Polaris / Columbus Ohio area. Includes Defender & Taito cabs, solid price – http://snipr.com/oydjl #
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MK3 has been deleted so im guessing its gone! darnit.

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Not bad….but it was a good price, but I am a little surprised that the Mortal Kombat sold that quick. You never know, it might pop back up…

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