Beware! My Pengo overlays have arrived

It has been a long project, about 14 months total, but my Pengo overlays arrived in the mail last Saturday, along with a couple of other little items.

“Beware! I glow in the dark”

That is what the bad to the bone blacklight Sinistar shirt would say if it could sneak up behind you in a gameroom. Or in Stephen Notley’s world Sinistar would design the shirt and greet you by growling Crush!

I don’t have any blacklights, but by October at least I should be able to test out the beacon of glowing retro geekiness. Rather my chest and Sinistar, than my teeth! (Poor Ross)

Sinistar Blacklight Retro Arcade Shirt

I am starting to get quite the collection of arcade themed tshirts. Of course I also got a couple of Pengo overlays, which was very satisfying to see a piece of reproduction artwork that I helped create for one of my favorite games.

Sega Pengo Reproduction Overlays

And I also got the vellum (among other things) to do the simple tracing of the Universal Mr. Do! cabinet. On the topic of glow in the dark retro gaming shirts, did anyone buy the Blacklight Berzerk t-shirt from Thisoldgame?

Berzerk Blacklight T-Shirt

Have a photo of you in it glowing in the dark that you want to share? I think I’ll have to get that one next.

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I bought one of the Berzerk shirts. Looks great in the gameroom when the blacklight is on. Rich did a great job. I just got my D2K bezel from Rich this week and it looks amazing. Nice job on the bezel.

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I had asked for a photo…do either of you guys have a photo of you with the Berzerk shirt on…glowing in the dark or otherwise?

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The Bezerk shirt glows in the dark huh? Hmmmm, guess I'll work on games tonight and be sure to get my wife to snap a photo.

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Nice job on what bezel? Did you mean the overlays? I didn't do anything on the D2K artwork.

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I love my Berzerk shirt!!! Oh, and you must not have any pull because I received my Pengo CPO "Weeks" ago. 🙂

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Well…Blacklit, so, not technically 'glowing in the dark' like I said, but I would think it would pick up some of the bulbs in the gameroom if it wasn't lit.

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