Coinopspace.com races past 1,000 members in 10 months

When I first set out to create a space for arcade and pinball collectors to better share all types of content in a more friendly environment I was hoping to see 100 members in the first four months. By February of 2009, I was hoping for 1,000 members by the time of our one year anniversary in October. We raced right past 1,000 members and continue to grow.

Coinopspace.com best tool for coin-op collectors to share photos

Hands down. Where other sites limit how many photos you can attach in a forum post Coinopspace makes uploading photos using a bulk image uploader and labeler. You can upload photos of your arcade or pinball machines in one click, or add additional information and be done in less than a minute or two and then share those photos as an album around the web. That might be why we have over 2,700 browse-able arcade photos from hundreds of different members.

CoinOpSpace.com Logo

We have experienced tremendous growth because Coinopspace continues to have a number of points of difference – fully customizable profile pages including graphics (collectors can change to look like their personal website or favorite game), live discussion sessions with former arcade / pinball creators, live member chats on Wednesday and Sunday nights (Like IRC but with all of the other arcade content at your fingertips) as well as contests like the $200 prize arcade restoration content coming to a close in Sept. 2009.

September should see the release of Open Social applications. What does this mean for the average collector? It means many possibilities, like personalized free online stores to see your coin-op parts, open connections to your game registry profiles that can be autoupdated then in one place, or even sharing some of your collection data back and forth with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks to the hardcode arcade collectors

Who have helped Coinopspace grow up to this point. Thanks to the active members of the advisory panel who have taken the reins and enacted new events and things they wanted to see happen. Our growth has been better in the first year than every other arcade game forum than RGVAC, and no one would beat that back in the heyday of coin-op collecting. This is largely to due to the passionate collectors who have invested in the site to continue to make adjustments to make things better.

Looking forward to see more entries in the restoration contest, and to see how many members we have at the one year mark. And thanks to ‘Jeremy‘, who unwittingly became the 1,000th member. I wish I could have dropped a virtual plethora of balloons and graffiti on him.

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Congratulations on hitting 1,000 and thank you for creating such a friendly place to get into this hobby!

BTW… you can drop virtual balloons on him, post some clip-art on his comments wall! 😉

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