Picked up Tunnel Hunt & Red Baron for $40

I got lucky again. Last Wednesday night I sat down in front of the laptop to do something really quick, pulled up my feeds and a listing for a garage sale came up two minutes later. The listing said that there were a couple of arcade games that needed some work. I emailed asking which games they were, thinking surely it was a Final Fight and a bad X-Men conversion. I got an email back Thursday morning saying – Tunnel Hunt and Red Baron!!!

Waiting on Tunnel Hunt and Red Baron until Saturday

This was the toughest part. After I returned the email to say I wanted them, I obviously wanted to pick them up right away. After waiting most of Thursday, I got a response saying that it would be best to pick them up Saturday morning instead.

So, I thought the best plan of action would be to pay for the games on Thursday to help ensure that they’d still be there waiting for me on Saturday. I got to talk with the owner, get the story of how long he’d had them and where they came from. Both the Baron and Hunt looked complete, and the Baron in particular looked really good cosmetically.

All of my paranoia was for nothing, as we picked them up early Saturday morning without issue (Read 7:40!) I’ve had some pretty good luck with Craigslist this year. Read about my Mad Planets deal , or the three pinball machines I picked up (Galaxy, Flight 2000 and Hyperball) – $50 each .

Here are the photo albums showing the games as they sit right now, click the photos to enter the galleries.

Centuri Tunnel Hunt
Tunnel HuntAtari Red Baron
Red Baron

It was a crazy 24 hours. Chris came down on Friday night, and brought with him my Tehkan Mr. Do!, a DECO Burgertime (Widel Multi Kit included ) and an empty Ms. Pac-man cabinet. The Uhaul trailer rental really came in handy, as we picked up these two games early in the morning ($39.75 total minus the quarter ;)), and then just before 10 am we went and picked up that Wild Fyre pinball machine for $50. My almost clean garage was now overflowing again. Add in full side panels from the busted up Red Baron cockpit, as well as a 30 gallon air compressor and I was back to narrow paths.

What will happen with the two arcade games?

I sold the Wild Fyre pinball last night, and Chris helped me move the HUO Pengo into the basement finally, so I did reclaim some garage space.

I played Tunnel Hunt for the first time briefly on Mame, it was about impossible to play with the keypad. I also had a touch of motion sickness after playing for just two minutes. The cabinet is truly unique, I love it. The artwork has a great design, coverage and color palette. Plus, the plastic shroud, you feel completely in the cabinet, like you are truly in a tunnel, hunched over with the flight stick.

I want to try to test the game, and if it’s not working get it working so I can play it and evaluate whether I want to keep it or not. I haven’t heard favorable things about the gameplay though, so I am doubtful it will make the cut. The face that the bottom of the cabinet is pretty beat doesn’t matter too much to me, but some collectors might want to look at possible woodwork repair.

The Red Baron I have almost zero interest in keeping. I would like to work out some sort of trade including the Baron for something I want, preferably a Sinistar UR or a Galaga cocktail. But as of right now, that isn’t looking likely so it will probably get sold.

If you have interest in the Red Baron, let me know. I am even debating on parting it out. Or if you know someone who might entertain the idea of a trade for a Sinistar, let me know.

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Nice find with the Tunnel Hunt. The last time I saw one of those was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, back in 1983. Not very impressive when it comes to gameplay, but a super rare game, with a well designed cabinet.

I don't think I've EVER seen a working Red Baron. Same with Food Fight – usually the gimbal joystick is the culprit. Every one I run into, the joystick flops over to one side, like a broken Atari 5200 controller.

But for $40, Who can complain?

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It seems to be a fairly rare game, I know I haven't seen any Tunnel Hunt's naturally in participating on forums and such in the past three years. They don't just 'pop up', but I imagine a fairly specific demand. Good old Red Barons and vector games, they seemed to be fairly problematic. I hadn't really 'tested' out the joystick, but certainly the parts including that joystick are probably worth a lot more than the whole item complete. I hope I can get the Red Baron as one piece though to someone who really loves the games and wants it.

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Do you still have the Red Baron console? I’ve been looking for one.

I don’t have any stand up arcade units to trade, though I do have a vast collection of antique computers (pets, kaypros, heathkits, trs-80s, apples, macs, pcs, etc). I also have two Atari 2600’s and a pile of carts.

Contact me at mrstarr at nyx dot net

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Unfortunately I do not have the Red Baron upright anymore. I sold it to a guy in Alabama later that year. Sorry about that, and good luck.

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