Fixed the Tunnel Hunt arcade game

‘Fixed’ might be a loose term. I did a couple of things to the power supply and to the main pcb and the Tunnel Hunt I picked up a week ago off of Craigslist works just fine. It’s an interesting game, if you haven’t played it in person you really should at least try it.

The Tunnel Hunt concept is awesome

Tunnel Hunt may have been a touch ahead of its time, which is probably why it always came in as a #2 game in on location testing. The cabinet design succeeds in making the player feel like they’re isolated in a tunnel, flying at breakneck speeds. The cabinet artwork package is beautiful, my only gripe is that the instruction panel doesn’t appear to light up.

Tunnel Hunt Cabinet Artwork Detail Photo

The graphics are very primitive though. While flying through the tunnel you have to shoot what look like TIE Fighters, and they fire back at you with diamond shaped bombs / blasts. The ‘shield’ is just a grid that appears when the button is pushed, and even the attract screen feels like the game was rushed and little polish was added. It could just be the era.

However, the screenshots you’ll see of Tunnel Hunt on Coinop.org or another source really don’t do the game justice. It can be dizzying to ‘fly’ through the multi colored tunnels and the game is very challenging. If I wasn’t so tight on space I would keep the game just because it’s on the cusp for me.

‘Fixing’ the Tunnel Hunt

When I picked up the Tunnel Hunt, the power supply was loose in the base of the cabinet. We took that out for transport obviously. All I did was check each of the fuses for continuity, clean out the whole cabinet, remount the on/off switch which had fallen into the light fixture and turned the game on. Tunnel Hunt fired up no problem, but the on screen graphics were glitchy, so we re-seated all of the chips on the board even though they all appeared snug. That fixed the problem and now the game plays fine. I listed Tunnel Hunt on Rotheblog for sale locally here in Indianapolis. I am open to trades, if you have a trade of equal value and are interested in the game, I would like to see it go to a good home, someone who would play the game.

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