Looking for photos of a DECO Burgertime

I posted at Coinopspace.com and BYOAC’s forums looking to see if anyone has ever seen a DECO Burgertime in the wild with sideart.

DECO Burgertime sideart?

Don’t you mean the stenciled artwork with Peter Pepper? Nope. I’m talking about photos of the DECO Burgertime, the original Data East BT. I’ve seen plenty of photos of the cabinet with plain woodgrain, but I would really like to see closer detail of the generic decals that were used on the DECO cabinets. Here is the basic woodgrain DECO Burgertime that I am talking about;

Deco Burgertime Front
Source: Tokens Only

Here is the ‘sideart’, which on the Burgertime is a blue, red, orange, yellow swirl pattern, and on the general DECO cabinet is it generic Data East artwork.

Deco Burgertime with Sideart DecalDeco Cabinet with Data East Sideart
Source: Arcade Flyers

I know a guy by the handle of ‘Mr. Bill’ out in California has a number of these DECO cabinets. We were in touch, but now I haven’t heard back from him. He has a ‘different’ DECO cabinet than the one pictured here that doesn’t use the ugly woodgrain.

If you know of anyone who owns a DECO Burgertime, a contact that may be able to point me in the right direction, or someone who owns a DECO cabinet in general, let me know.

The goal is to make a custom artwork package to replace the woodgrain, and I’d like to do a tip of the hat to the original stuff. The more I can see of the artwork from photos, the better. I plan on printing sideart and kickplate that uses the style from the marquee as well as references the Midway Burgertime in some way.

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There are at least two different original, "dedicated" woodgrain DECO cabinet models. There's one (not the one shown here) whose profile is more similar to William's games like Joust and Moon Patrol, with the notch under the header going further toward the back. The top of the machine is flat like the standard Nintendo cabinets. It has the usual keyed areas on the front to access the tapes.

I've seen five or six of them over the years, none of which ever had the graphics shown in the flyer. The second style DECO cab would have required the side art to be positioned much lower than shown in the flyer.

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As luck would have it, I have found someone who at least owned a black Burgertime that has the generic conversion Data East sideart decal. That was quite a few years ago…hoping for photos now. But, at least someone I know has seen one in the wild, which makes me glad this wasn't just a mocked up flyer where kits of the artwork weren't actually available.

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I have always found these cabinets interesting. I know where there a couple of these but they were converted. I know one still had most of the parts still inside. Any updated pictures on this?

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