Atari testing station for sale on eBay

Yesterday I talked about a couple auctions of interest on eBay, multiple listings of NOS arcade artwork and that Adidas Tron jacket. Today it’s an original Atari test station that techs used to troubleshoot and repair game boards. Scott Evans is selling the item for $2,000, one of several pieces I am sure he has in storage from when he cleaned out the remnants of Atari.

Atari CTS-1 PCB Repair Station

Even though this test station is expensive, it is a piece of history and it can be used with a ton of popular Atari game boardsets. Some names that pop out to me – Food Fight, Quantum, Warlords….here is the whole list;

Space Duel, Xevious, Liberator, Missile Command, Dig Dug, Asteroids, Tempest, Lunar Lander, Centipede, Warlords, Kangaroo, Quantum, Food Fight, Gravitar, 4 Player Football, Space Race, Pole Position, Breakout, Night Driver, Baseball, Lemans, Millipede, Sprint II, Starship One, Battlezone, Firetruck, Monte Carlo, Lunar Lander, football, Super Bug, Sprint I, Basketball, and Super Breakout .

As the auction says, make a Jamma adapter and you can now suddenly test a slew of games from the late 80’s and on. Looks like it even comes with some sort of manual that is probably just schematics. Here are the photos and the rest of the text from the listing;

Atari CTS-1 Test Station Photo 1Atari CTS-1 Test Station Photo 2Atari CTS-1 Test Station Photo 3Atari CTS-1 Test Station Photo 4Atari CTS-1 Test Station Photo 5Atari CTS-1 Test Station Photo 6

This auction is for a nice, working Atari CTS-1 Test Station. This unit is in excellent condition and comes with dozens of game test plugs.

This unit is assist in repairing and testing of Atari boards. You can make a Jamma adapter and test most other modern games. The unit comes with the raster monitor. You will need to hook up your own vector monitor to test the vector games.

The Fluke Multimeter in the unit , is not working, but you can pick up a similar unit here on ebay for $10-$25.

If you end up purchasing this Atari test station, drop us a line, let us know if you plan to use it for repair work or for another purpose. You can always visit Scott’s Atari Games website where he’ll periodically (read less than 10x a year) post something Atari related.

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