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Rare Nintendo 1978 Cocktail Othello Arcade Game

Just over a week ago a piece of arcade game history came up for sale on eBay in Chicago Illinois. A rare 1978 Computer Othello, Nintendo’s first arcade game, created some buzz in the blogosphere. But none of them had anything interesting to say other than “Doi, here it is, it’s overpriced.” (more…)

Mike Doyle’s Pepsi HUO Pengo from 2003

I’m into Pengo? Shocker. Back in January I was poking through old RGVAC archives and came across Mike Doyle’s post on the HUO Pengo that a buddy found in someone’s basement. At the time the game was being traded / sold he posted some photos, showing the promotional sign that came with it – which was really what I wanted to see. Those photos were a casualty of AOL Homespaces, but this weekend Mike was able to pull those photos off an old hard drive and I had to share this story again. (more…)

What the flux? Lesser known facts about solder’s little friend.

One of the most simple repairs that an arcade collector will perform is a ‘cap kit’, where you desolder most or all of the electrolytic capacitors on a monitor chassis board to fix a myriad of display issues on your game. Some solders have what is known as ‘flux’ in them, which is an agent to prevent oxidization of the metal joints. Here are some tips for cleaning flux off of a printed circuit board, and why you should do it. (more…)

Asteroids Deluxe in a Franklin, IN barn for $100

Another week, more arcade game deals at estate and garage sales. A friend, Shane, picked up a nice Super Pac-man for $50 up near Jackson MI, and Aaron picked up a couple of games from an estate sale here south of Indianapolis for $100 a pop.

Photo of Barn with two arcade games in the loft


Time Pilot debuts at the fall Indianapolis game party

The last weekend in August ushered in another game party at Brad’s, and although he is on the verge of being out of space, he still managed to pick up one new game since the last time I was over – Time Pilot. (more…)

The New Blue & Orange Burgertime DECO Cabinet

In August Chris stopped by and then left without taking his Burgertime DECO with him. Alright, I’ll keep it, but not in that big ugly woodgrain cabinet. As luck would have it, I left Saturday morning 6:30 to pick up a worthy replacement that will help that Burgertime fit right into my collection. (more…)

Updates / Arcade Finds on Craigslist – 2009-09-13

  • Roadtrip to Ohio this morning, arcade related (6:30 is too early). This might be one of a few in the near future. Wish me luck for no rain. #