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My Tunnel Hunt for your Omega Race cocktail

I pick the most interesting days to make trades. This week we had some awesome weather, but I made plans to trade my Craigslist deal Tunnel Hunt for an Omega Race cocktail the day the rain came in with some fury. Everything worked out ok, close the chapter in my Tunnel Hunt saga.

Wrapped Tunnel Hunt


NOS Black Widow Conversion Kit up for sale on eBay

Back in March of 2008 Andy S. had just started down the collecting path, and found what he called an ‘Ops Graveyard’. Basically it was a a building filled with parts from arcade games, monitors, marquees, bezels and a ton of other misc stuff. But there was one pretty huge jewel in the find. Today, he put that jewel up for sale on eBay, a NOS Black Widow Conversion Kit. (more…)

First Pengo overlay installed

The control panel overlay on the first Pengo I owned was still in decent shape, but with enough blemish that I went ahead and prepped the artwork for screenprint. But, then in the year they got printed I picked up an even better Pengo in Missouri and I no longer needed a brand new overlay. As a result, it looks like Bill J. was the first to install my artwork on a restored cabinet. (more…)

Another poor converted Midway Mappy

It is a given, when you see a converted Mappy / Jr. Pac-man, the header is sawed off. I don’t know why, but I just love these cabinets because they are so distinct, so I can’t help but share when I find a new one. This time, Chris sent me this Craigslist ad for a Mortal ‘Combat’ 🙂 Mappy conversion for only $350 LOL. (more…)

Star Castle Sideart Started

Not too much to report just yet. So far, this is the progress to date on the Star Castle sideart project. (more…)

Super Pac-man for $75 Muskegon Craigslist

Over the weekend I was in my hometown in Michigan for my nephew’s first birthday. The deals lately on Craigslist have been stupid crazy, so I actually have not been following other neighboring states as much – for good reason. But it just so happened there was a Super Pac-man for $75 in Muskegon the weekend I was home! Wow, talk about timing. (more…)

NOS Pole Position II Sideart

A resourceful DJ / collector out in Fredericksburg, VA has quite the amazing photo album of arcade stuff. Many games, parts, and pieces of artwork have cycled through his hands. This past week it was a set of NOS Pole Position II sideart that sold almost immediately. (more…)