NOS Pole Position II Sideart

A resourceful DJ / collector out in Fredericksburg, VA has quite the amazing photo album of arcade stuff. Many games, parts, and pieces of artwork have cycled through his hands. This past week it was a set of NOS Pole Position II sideart that sold almost immediately.

Pole Position II sideart is cool

Much cooler than the original Pole Position. Here is a photo of the set of sideart that sold in a private sale this past week;

Pole Position II Sideart

Here is the flyer for the original Pole Position;

Pole Position Flyer
Via Arcadeflyers.com

Blah. A couple of stripes implying race with the checkered flag design in a rounded rectangle. Certainly out of character for the great Atari illustrators. The truly ‘illustrated’ Pole Position II artwork blows this out of the water.

I don’t hear about too many people restoring Pole Positions, I or II. Most of the time, collectors are just unloading the cabinets. Doesn’t mean there is any less demand for an NOS piece of artwork though. Sounds like it sold for somewhere between $150-$225. Looks like it had some of the standard browning on the edges, but looks great otherwise, no obvious creases or anything degenerative.

More photos of Pole Position II

But back to how much more awesome the Pole Position II artwork is – here is a photo of the upright and the cockpit. If space were never a concern, I would probably look into owning the PP II cockpit, I like the game – even if it does have an ending.

Pole Position II CockpitPole Position II Upright

Thank you to ‘DJ’ for the reply via email. DJ is good, if I were an arcade / pinball collector in Virginia, he is definitely one of ‘the guys’ to network with.

DJ Arcade Game Parts Room

Additional Pole Position Information

I did my usual cursory searches, but if anyone has any links to old newsgroup postings for what other sets of PP II artwork have sold for, eBay auction results, or even a link about Pole Position kits, leave a comment.

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I wonder if that is the same set I sold about 10 years ago. Somewhere I think I have a scan of it.

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Or maybe the set of PP II sideart that was sent to Rich. Do you mind disclosing who you sold it to back in the day? Or was it an eBay auction or something that you don't know the identity?

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I just finished scanning this art from an NOS set for a collector off KLOV who won an ebay auction a few months ago.

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LOL that FoodFight Control Panel is now sitting in my garage!
Thanks again DJ

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I never did hear back on the call I made about that unpopulated, drilled out Food Fight panel, glad you got that squared away and Daryl was an asset yet again.

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