Super Pac-man for $75 Muskegon Craigslist

Over the weekend I was in my hometown in Michigan for my nephew’s first birthday. The deals lately on Craigslist have been stupid crazy, so I actually have not been following other neighboring states as much – for good reason. But it just so happened there was a Super Pac-man for $75 in Muskegon the weekend I was home! Wow, talk about timing.

Cheap Super Pac-man right in my price range

Always loved the Super Pac-man cabinet shape, and big fan of the Pac series like most people – I have the Ms. Pac-man and Jr. Pac-man in my collection. I’ve gone back and forth about eventually owning one, but its always about space. It would probably be better to just get the game on a multi-game type board, 48 in 1 or something. I don’t ‘love’ the gameplay that much. But a Super Pac-man just 25 minutes north of me in Grand Haven for $75 seemed like destiny. Here is the text / ad.

Super Pac-man in Muskegon for $75

Super Pac-Man Coin op, needs some work, cabinet is in good shape. Reply for more details.

It was posted the previous Thursday, so I figured for that price it was probably gone, even if ‘needs some work’ meant ‘currently not working’. There is one well established collector in Muskegon that comes to mind immediately, at the least maybe he would have grabbed it and flipped it.

I kept checking email, not sure what I’d do with it, but curious if it was still available. Time was my answer, never heard back before we headed home, and still haven’t. So if you got the $75 Super Pac-man in Muskegon, drop me a line. Maybe someday I’ll be able to trade for it. Thanks again Shane for the heads up.

Which arcade have you resold in favor of a Multicade?

What is your favorite game that you have owned that you ended up reselling because you ended up getting a space saving Multicade cabinet / 48 in 1? I know Chris had both a Mappy and a Pooyan that he sold / traded for these reasons. I’d be curious to hear yours. Pooyan is a good one, pretty hard to come by and super fun game.

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That Super Pac looks to be in decent shape (at least as much as you can tell with the tiny pic in the ad). I'd love to get a Super Pac someday. I'd also love it if you shipped your Jr. Pac to me. 🙂 I have yet to see a dedicate Jr. Pac show up anywhere near me.

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And now you got your Super Pac-man, not too long after this post. Ship me the Super Pac and $2K for the Jr. Pac-man and we have a deal, LOL.

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I bought my Super Pac for 50 bucks. Probably not as nice as the one in the ad. This was a title i didnt play much back in the days but now that its in my collection i have come to enjoy playing the game and become good at paying it where as, i wasnt very good playing the other pac series games. I was quite suprised to get a score of 124,000 so far on one quarter. Iam proud of myself for that score given my gameplay skills.

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Most likely a power supply issue. I picked one up a couple of years back as an experiment…


No 5 volts so I kept it easy and bought a 15 amp switcher and a finger board for a super pac from arcadeshop… Plug and play and that baby fired right up!!!

$75 would of been a great deal!!!

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I didn’t read all of the text in the troubleshooting response. Was there something in the text that confirmed this guy did indeed snag this exact Super Pac-man?

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I’m just guessing but since the post is dated 10/15/2009 it seems more than coincidental…

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