Another poor converted Midway Mappy

It is a given, when you see a converted Mappy / Jr. Pac-man, the header is sawed off. I don’t know why, but I just love these cabinets because they are so distinct, so I can’t help but share when I find a new one. This time, Chris sent me this Craigslist ad for a Mortal ‘Combat’ 🙂 Mappy conversion for only $350 LOL.

From a mouse thief to fatality

I’ll just share the ad and note that in this market, I wouldn’t value this conversion at over $200 that is for sure. Monitor looks nice, that is one of the largest pluses. Here is the text / title from the Craigslist ad in Romeoville, IL (Southwest Chicago)

Mortal Kombat Mappy conversion on Craigslist
Mortal Combat stand up style arcade game – $350 (Romeoville)

Mortal Combat stand up style arcade game, still works GREAT!

Best Mappy Conversion?

I have now seen a Mappy converted to a Kicker, a Capcom Bowling, and now a Mortal Kombat. (If you need a new top box for your Mappy cabinet, get in touch with Brian J., he’s fabricating a small run.) I’m sure there are a ton more collectively other arcade guys have seen over the years, seems like I’ve seen a few in grainy auction photos that I can’t recall at the moment.

All the conversions I’ve seen have been half baked. Some rectangular artwork slapped on the cabinet side. Got any photos, or just a story, of one of the best conversions for this cabinet you’ve seen? Ever seen a ‘classic’ game as a kit installed? Maybe another Pac-man like Ms. Pac-man?

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i just threw up in my mouth a bit. thanks for the funny post.

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