Adios Red Baron

I certainly didn’t think a working Red Baron would be such a hard sell, but I finally did find a buyer, this Red Baron is headed down to Alabama.

Red Baron one of the last ‘for sale’ games

Got some space back in the garage, although I can’t really tell with the new Tron and Xevious from the weekend. This seems to happen when I clear space, then I find a deal or two on some other games. Maybe I see what I want to. But I am finally at the point where I’m considering lending the Hyperball out for the winter to a friend so I can park in the garage. I figure I have five weeks before I should expect some snow, or frost weather at least.

Atari Red Baron Sold - Heading to Alabama
Space Fury Cocktail

The buyer is an operator, and we were talking about my note in the eBay listing about originally wanting to trade the Red Baron for a Sinistar or a Galaga cocktail he proceeded to list off a number of cocktails that he has. He didn’t have a Galaga, but he did have a Space Fury. I asked for some photos….the cocktail is amazing…spotless. He had a good deal of money into the Space Fury so we didn’t strike a deal, but I guess its working and the general consensus is that Space Fury is a fun vector and rare. Here are some of those photos.

Space Fury Cocktail 1Space Fury Cocktail 2Space Fury Cocktail 3

Hopefully now I can finish up my second Ms. Pac-man stencil job this week and then finish up the Tehkan Mr. Do! (48-1) and DECO Burgertime in the garage and move them into the basement for the winter.

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Very nice. If you decide to part with Space Fury please let me know. Fun game.

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Seriously. You really need to stop scanning text.

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Your right Jeff. You mentioned getting two games and didn't read about the "Atari Xevious" so I figured that was your second game. I did read everything but missed "He had a good deal of money into the Space Fury so we didn’t strike a deal"

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