Sega Outrun cockpit for sale in Indianapolis

Another collector here in Indianapolis picked up this working Out Run from auction just over a year ago and is now looking to regain some garage space – been there! Looking for a driving game in the midwest, you might be able to get a great deal.

The Out Run cabinet is in great condition

The huge wooden base has some dings, but the cockpit in general looks pretty awesome, check out a couple of the photos of the game, or view a couple more in the cockpit photo gallery .

Sega Out Run LeftSega Out Run RightSega Out Run Seat

Originally he had wanted to sell this for $350, but just today dropped the price to $250 OBO, and the game works. If you are looking to buy a racing arcade game (in this case a sit down) in the surrounding states of Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio or maybe even Tennessee, this might be a great opportunity to get a working cockpit for cheap.

Although not as big as a Sega Afterburner, you’ll still need a buddy. This game is deceptively heavier than it looks. Email me if you are interested in buying the game.

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Very cool. Might be a great way for me to get a second car in my garage. Seriously though… If I had room and it was local I’d totally consider this for my game room.

Can it be moved in pieces?

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You know, I don’t know if the Out Run comes apart. I am sure it does, but to what degree? I think they moved it in and out of a truck bed in one piece.

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A local collector to me has an upright outrun and it’s very fun… If I remember right the cockpit moves which would be even cooler!

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I can say that while it may come apart, it probably isn’t meant to. Most cockpit games house the circuitry underneath the seating area, making for a nasty time separating the monitor from the rest of the game… It may come apart, but will fight you every step, and may be a big pain to put back together.

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i am intrested in this can you give me a number to contact you on thanj you

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It appears the games is sold. The PU date is for Super Bowl Sunday in three weeks. Please use the contact page above after that time to follow up, and be descriptive in your message about your interest.

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