A stenciled Pac-man arcade game

Restoring the artwork on a Pac-man arcade game with stencils I am sure isn’t uncommon. But in the few years I’ve been collecting, I can’t actually say I’ve seen anyone re-paint a cabinet and document it online. Joe O. (Spyridon) did over this past summer and he did a heck of a job.

Pac-man stencils – More time consuming than Ms. Pac-man?

Hard to say. I’d think that the time used to lay down that ‘blue speckle’ would offset some of the longer durations of a Ms. Pac-man stenciling like the full cabinet artwork, laying down the yellow, etc. But certainly what Joe did must have taken longer than 60-80 hours because he restored the whole thing inside and out, down to the bolts.

The basic photo steps for stenciling your Pac-man cabinet are on Coinopspace, which links out to some additional information. Here are some photos from the restoration;

Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 1Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 2Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 3Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 4Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 5Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 6Pac-man restoration - Stencil Photo 7
Stenciling Pac-man Tutorial

Joe certainly has the experience on every front now to advise anyone looking to restore their own Pac-man game. Again, this is not my restoration. If you’ve re-stenciled your Pac-man, drop a line. I’d like to know if there is any different way of doing the speckles as a thicker dot, automated, than with a toothbrush.

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Thanks for the write up. (It’s Joe O. by the way and not Joe B.)

I think the actual stencilling part would be the same work effort as doing a Ms. Pac-man. The speckle step doesn’t take long to add in.

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Generally I would think the same time would be involved as well….but an exact comparison would have been nice too. I’ve got the hours well estimated for the first Ms. Pac-man, and more exactly tracked on the second stencil job. But I do a lot of consulting, I’m not the norm in keeping track of hours on something like that…

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That is amazing Joe! Great job. I went the vinyl sideart route on my Pac-Man. I think this looks MUCH better!

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Everyone knows what my response will be…hands down stenciled artwork on any Pac-man family cabinet look better than vinyl. I chuckle a little bit when a collector I meet brags to me about ‘restoring’ their game with vinyl and the reflection on the vinyl from a basement window makes it hard to see the art at an angle.

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Too bad you have to search REALLY HARD for a set of stencils. And proper ones, at that…

I know where to ‘look’, I just haven’t really asked yet.. It’s much too cold to do a restoration now, anyway..

And is anyone (besides twobits) printing up new Pac-Man bezels, and how much would they cost, if not? I spilled something on mine, a few months ago, and the paint is flaking off at an alarming pace.

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On your point about bezels, I think when you ‘look’ you might find a Ms. Pac-man bezel in the same place, but at best it would be plexi, or an insert. I would have to guess that Two Bits would be the only ones printing the Ms. Pac-man bezels on glass.

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Great job Joe.

I’ve had more purist compliment me on my non-two bits vinyl side art on my Ms. Pac. If Stencils were easy to come by about three years ago when I restored my Ms. Pac I probably would of tackled it this way because I agree… They look great!

… Also, a certain source I know has screened plex bezels. I haven’t seen one but I hared they look pretty good.

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I wasn’t remembering that your Ms. Pac-man artwork was not Two Bits. Did you get that artwork with that other Ms. Pac-man marquee we spoke about a long long time ago?

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Does anyone know where to get these stencils I’ve been looking everywhere. Someone please email me. – thager0@gmail.com

Thank you.

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It always helps to link to your VAPS / GGDB arcade profile, and maybe another online forum profile so that those who don’t know you can get acquainted.

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I’m looking to do the stenciling on my original pacman. Can anyone lead me to a place to find these?

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