Loch Ness sighted briefly, then gone

RGP has been all abuzz about the single Game Plan Loch Ness Monster pinball machine that has come up for sale on eBay. The auction ended this week, just in time for the recession at a every man’s price of $20,327.27! Check out the photos, the eBay auction screen, and a few more tidbits that I found when poking around for more info.

Loch Ness – Perfect pinball subject matter

What a great idea for a theme! One of the most iconic urban legends ever, with a matching jaw drapping effigy of Loch Ness on the backglass. But, I think Tim Ferrante better described this game for Gameroom Magazine. The excerpt of interest to me;

Below the playfield resides a moving three-dimensional model of Nessie viewable through a blue window. The monster roars and flashing lights illuminate the swimming creature as players try to escape silverball doom. It was unquestionably the finest game they (Gameplan) ever built.

No video yet exists on YouTube of the Loch Ness gameplay. We all wish it did, I think most of us would like to see the Loch Ness under the playfield in action. Up to this point, only a few photos existed on IPDB.org, but the current owner Mike has supplied a plethora of photos

Apparently this pinball made it to the Chicago pinball expo at one time or another, that must have been late 90’s early 2000.

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