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Crowdsourcing the castle

Stop and think, what would a crowdsourced castle look like? A moat made of lime jello and Gouda? A tower overhang for bungee jumping? Alas, you know I am not speaking about an actual castle, but Star Castle artwork – namely the sideart. I believe I have found some significant differences in distinct printed pieces of sideart and I need your help to figure it out. (more…)

The creaky, dusty Atari vault door is showing signs of life

I was recently asked what I would do if suddenly found myself an extremely wealthy individual. Many things would be in the mix, but one activity I might consider would be to head out to California and plop myself in Scott E.’s warehouse. Scott’s ‘Vault’, as I like to call it, is filled with so many Atari goodies, history, and information that it would probably take a lifetime to document it all. Fortunately, Scott has been on a recent rampage – publishing more of this information for all to enjoy – including new production floor photos. (more…)

Status to date of The Glob artwork

Back in October 2007 I wrote a post detailing the dimensions for a Pac-man cabinet kickplate to use to develop conversion artwork – in this case, The Glob. (more…)

How many cases of Mello Yello would equal a Q*Bert?

Here’s the situation. You and your brother are in your 20’s, and you are in charge of ordering inventory for your father’s grocery store. Coca-Cola approaches you about a Mello Yello promotion – the more cases of the soft drink you purchase, the more points you earn towards a one of a kind Q*Bert. What would you do? Say goodbye to my mouth. (more…)

Repro halftones are a piece of ‘candy’

One of the coolest things about arcade game collecting is that there are a multitude of niche realms where you can dwell. Japanese Candy Cabs have a smaller, prodigiously loyal following. For that reason, when Scott from Mamemarquees asked me to work on reproduction cpo artwork for the Neo Geo 29 cabinet I jumped at the chance – halftones be darned. (more…)

Fair price on a Taito Crazy Climber?

That was the question that I was asked, what did I think a Taito Crazy Climber was worth? The immediate thought was, “Not as much as a Nichibutsu Crazy Climber”, but after hearing a few things about the arcade game and seeing the photos, I realized that may not be completely true. (more…)

A dusty “Video Terror” uncovered in Oregon

We’ll skip right past the Hall and Oates references and just say that, while most major arcade game warehouse raids have been uncovered, there are still smaller caches with extraordinary games to be found in the US. At least that would seem to be true near Salem Oregon. (more…)