The orange and blue make Lady Gaga jealous

The following preview has been approved for all Stern lovers, and of course all Lady Gaga fans. Orange and blue so spectacular that Willy Wonka would tell you to lick the panel for flavors of orange and blueberry.

Frenzy control panel, now preserved digitally

The panel arrived last week, so now the first step in the forthcoming Frenzy control panel reproduction project, I got a chance to scan the artwork tonight and get it stitched together. Stunning.

Frenzy Control Panel Scan

For all of you out there getting a panel, who better to tackle the project than Chris M., who twice has printed beautiful Berzerk panels and is now running a third set. The challenge for him has been that little bend at the back of the panel. It was also for me when I went to scan it. So, I took a pair of channel locks and hand bent that piece back dow……uh, not.

To get the artwork as flat as possible I actually propped up the other side off the scanner using some books and a glass so that, although raised, the artwork was still flat and we didn’t have any un-needed foreshortening.

Ok quick, side by side comparison – Lady Gaga or Frenzy Panel?

Lady Gaga all bluey & orangeFrenzy Cpanel Detail

Sorry Ms. baby talk, the Frenzy panel is more freaky….freakin’ awesome. Bling blingin’ blingity.

More to come, hopefully as early as tomorrow.

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Wow. Maybe I can ask her to pose with one of the completed panels? Or with a few of them dangling strategically to cover the naughty bits? Nice job, can’t wait to see the final.

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