Scanning artwork – “Further into the unknown”, Dun Dun Dah…

A classic game, a sequel from Konami, and finally – control panel artwork for this classic has been scanned and in the near future should be available at least as an inkjet reproduction.

Time Pilot ’84 – Conversion kit overlay

Sometime around November I got a request to scan, vector and prep an overlay for reproduction for Time Pilot ’84. At the time I was booked full, but as I worked through my project load I was able to take the panel a week or so ago. It was pretty beat, the overlay was de-laminating having seen some serious time on location.

Time Pilot '84 Control Panel

Tonight, the first step, scanning all of the artwork. I had to de-populate the panel, and I removed the hinge as well as another piece of metal that probably served as a ledge for the panel once it was converted.

One of the more time consuming hurdles is always scanning every piece of the artwork. For this one overlay I had 16 scans, three scans to cover the full width of the panel, and there are essentially four faces to scan with the overlay folded under on top, and wrapped around a radius onto the back wall of the panel on back.

Time Pilot '84 Control Panel Scan

It should be a fairly straightforward piece, expect for some of the stars / bursts. The stars actually fade out in a crosshatch type pattern that may require a raster overlay in white to accurately preserve those details.

Time Pilot ’84 Experts out there…

It looks like there are some 58+ owners of Time Pilot ’84 listed on VAPS. I would guess that probably 35-40 still have the game, but I was surprised by the numbers. Anyone else need a new overlay?

Were there multiple versions of Konami’s conversion kit for this game, tailored for a couple of different cabinets?

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They say that there are no stupid questions, so here it goes..

How good is an inkjet reproduction? I just imagine printing something on my own inkjet printer..
– Smudge?
– Stripes?
– Not durable?
– Fading?
How much wear and tear can it stand compared to an original cpo?
Will it be printed on paper? Does it use some kind of lamination?

I’m just curious as I’ve never seen one, and I’m not trying to imply anything about the quality.

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I think the crucial part with the inkjet print is what material is used. If you check out this post from Rich on the Satan’s Hollow cocktail underlays, you see he reverse printed on poly laminate. As for questions about ‘how’ durable, and to quantify it, Rich may have some measurement in hours, but I am guessing you’d have to get a testimonial from the longest running digital inkjet shop, Mamemarquees.

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Hah. Got one of those TP’84 overlays on a spare ‘Cosmic Guerilla’ cp I got when a Derek Litton parted his old CG.
Never knew which game it which game it came from. Cool.

Mads … I’ve been using Scott’s work from Mamemarquees, for various projects, pretty much since his inception. EG. I have a mame bartop (Jungle Hunt theme based) that I had the artwork printed through Scott. The CPO is inkjet with polycarb lammination. Looks gr8. This thing has been hammered over the last 5 years… been carried to parties .. hammered by kids etc.
Still like new. Enuff said.

Rich’s stuff is renown for execeptional quality .. hence I imagine same if not better durability.

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Bizarre. So, what it cut way down then into a rectangle to fit that Cosmic Guerrilla control panel? Or when converted did someone make it wrap somehow?

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I’ll pull it off the shelf when I get home this arvo and take some snapshots..

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I may need a second source for color matching, if you’re up for it. The top of this overlay definitely has about 10-15% fade, based on that artwork that was on the underside of the panel.

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Oops .. sorry JR .. forgot to check the crappy CP.

And I mean crappy!!! I don’t think mine is going too help u much mate. Looks more faded than yours. 🙁

The only good thing about it is the Monroe Stick.


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This is interesting for me to see, how this overlay was applied to a much smaller panel and how little of that Time Pilot 84 artwork is actually showing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Is the blue on the lower left rub off? Paint?

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Yeh.. part of the overlay has been removed in that lower corner. The original Guerilla panels were polished stainless .. so the blue paint underneath was either a primer or an older previous conversion.

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Im in for 1! I was going to scan mine, however it came from a caberet conversion so alot of it is gone. keep me updated on the progress please!

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Up to the contractor whether he wants to print additional(s).

@Matt – It really isn’t the best artwork and I understand why people would think the Time Pilot 84 CPO would be a knockoff. There isn’t even a copyright on it from what I found.

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I remember having an unused TP84 CPO in my hands several years ago… not sure what happened to that one. I’m pretty sure my buddy sold it. I’ll see if I can track it down. I wasn’t really interested in it at the time, as I didn’t have an immediate use for it, and I assumed they were fairly abundant (ops sometimes don’t bother to apply the CPO if the game they’re converting has similar artwork). I’ve seen them listed on eBay before as well, but people rarely know what game it’s for… so they call it a “generic” or “unknown” overlay. Anyway, if I manage to track another one down I’ll let you know Jeff.

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I’m certainly up for one of these when your work is done. The game’s underrated and I rescued mine from a beat-up cocktail cab (probably was a Radar Zone). It’s been transplanted to an Astro Fighter UR cab and I’ve managed to grab a marquee and sideart but the CP has been elusive.

Keep me in mind when this gets to the print stage.

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