Back on top of Donkey Kong Junior

That’s right. The one and only Steve Wiebe. Steve’s Donkey Kong Junior score of 1,190,400 was just verified and posted by Twin Galaxies.

Steve Wiebe Donkey Kong Junior World Record Score

Steve has brought quite a bit of attention, relevance, and prestige to Twin Galaxies. If Billy Mitchell was considered the face, then in many respects Steve has made TG cool.

Unfortunately, that also means that more people are gunning for your score. But a little competition is healthy.

Donkey Kong Junior High Score Competition History

Steve took the Donkey Kong Junior record in April of 2009 with a score of 1,139,800. In September of 2009, Mark Kiehl beat this score by 8,000 points, at 1,147,800. Hard to believe its been almost a year already since Steve topped Donkey Kong Junior. I remember, because it was right at that same time when Steve visited Coinopspace.com for a live chat. Good to see him back on top of that game, and with a wider margin of 40,000+. Congrats Steve.

Someday, I’ll buy a camera and submit a score or two to Pengo. All this chatter is definitely motivating.

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Very cool!!! Love DK Jr. (Even though I traded it off). Very tough game so that is a very impressive score. Time to go play some DK Jr. in my D2K cabinet!

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WOW! Weibe wobbles but he dont fall down!
No time to wipe butts gettin that score,
but was the Kuh on hand to warn evryone of a possible killscreen coming up?

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I have really fond memories of Donkey Kong Jr. from my childhood, but I only have a guess why – in particular the fruit.

I think I must like it because I ate Donkey Kong Junior cereal?

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Congrats Wiebemiester!

I remember going food shopping with mum in the 80’s to our local shopping centre.. just so I could peel off to the shopping centres newsagency (an island shop in the middle of one of the walkways) which had Galaga, DK Jr & Popeye up against one of its walls. DK jr was my staple!! 🙂

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Correction: Ike Hall took Bill Mitchell’s 25-year-old Donkey Kong Junior record with a 1,033,000 in August 2008. Wiebe’s score of 1,139,800 came eight months later.

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